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Jan 2016
Robert Logiewa
Jan 28 2016 12:09
Little problem: I added MyGet to the appveyor.yml file, but Appveyor won't push because the build configuratons are swapped. Any idea how to fix this?
Steven Liekens
Jan 28 2016 17:57
sorry what
Steven Liekens
Jan 28 2016 18:02
the deploy configuration looks right to me
but the path to the artifacts is for xproj builds
it's probably best to let AppVeyor figure out how to build the packages
  - path: artifacts\bin\gw2net\**\*.nupkg
  publish_nuget: true             # package projects with .nuspec files and push to artifacts
  publish_nuget_symbols: true     # generate and publish NuGet symbol packages
or you can keep the artifacts section as-is and hack the csproj files to build the nuget packages after the build
which IMO is the better solution
Steven Liekens
Jan 28 2016 18:08
I don't like it much when visual studio builds are different from build server builds
Robert Logiewa
Jan 28 2016 20:06
I can understand that
shouldn't be that way. But as it seems xproj will fix that, or am I mistaken?
Robert Logiewa
Jan 28 2016 20:54
sigh now appveyor is crying that the core project has the wrong version...