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Feb 2016
Feb 11 2016 03:52 UTC
In working on implementing V2 for WvW, the V2 API exposes more (and in some cases different) information about objectives. That's all fine in good in the V2 ObjectiveNameDTO but when working with Objective and Objective name in GW2NET.Core they aren't written to handle the new/different information. I don't really want to change those as they're core classes and that'd mess with the V1 WvW implementation. Does anyone have suggestions/preferences on how to handle this?
Steven Liekens
Feb 11 2016 12:36 UTC
If the V1 result can be "molded" into a V2 format then I prefer that you change the core class for v2 and add change the v1 code to act like v2
But if not then it's probably fine if you delete the v1 code completely
Robert Logiewa
Feb 11 2016 13:52 UTC
I want to remove V1 sooner than later, at most with 3.0. For now keep them separate (i.e. create new classes instead of changing old ones).
Is there even an endpdoint which is only at V1?
Steven Liekens
Feb 11 2016 14:32 UTC