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May 2016
Robert Logiewa
May 02 2016 07:48
I won’t give you a code example (you ahve to learn after all), but I’ll give you the way to do it
  1. Install the latest GW2.NET package from NuGet
  2. In your application create a new instance of the GW2Bootstrapper
  3. Select the appropriate factory property (FactoryForRendering) to access the service
  4. The property should return an IRenderService, which has multiple methods to retrive images from the API, based on the Renderable and the image format. The IRenderable is just an interface defining an arbitrary image file with the FileId and the File Signature. To retrive this, look up the wiki. You probably need to query another API service, but the approach is the same (just select another property)
To display images in c# you can use Google