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Jul 2016
Robert Logiewa
Jul 19 2016 16:27
@/all Sorry, for not writing anything in the last month or so. Preparation for exams, which come up the next three weeks have been particular stressfull this semester. But I looked at the current HttpClient branch and saw that it's nearly finished. There are some bugs to iron out, but nothing major. So if anyone is interested, he can take over.
Some things to note: Converter structure has been left almost entirely intact, so nothing to do here and I don't want to touch it until we got the underlying system robust enough. I have some ideas how we can throw most of the code out of the window. Most of it deals with JSON.Net (there's really no reason anymore, to not use it as default) and it's internal parser (it uses Attributes, which @StevenLiekens doesn't like, but if it makes better code, I'm willing to use it).
The new repository structure is entirely the same for "standard" api endpoint layout, so a user only has to implement two interfaces and he's done. For anything else there needs to be a custom interface describing the layout. That should be put into core obviously.
That's it basically. I'll try to read more often here, so if there are questions just ask.