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Aug 2016
Steven Liekens
Aug 07 2016 12:15
@Ruhrpottpatriot you can't move the Core models into separate libraries because they depend on eachother
sometimes in a circular way
like items and recipes
but that's okay because models don't contain complicated logic
Steven Liekens
Aug 07 2016 12:20
the only thing about their implementation that might cause friction is the IEquatable stuff
and tbh maybe it's better if we don't implement those interfaces
Steven Liekens
Aug 07 2016 12:27
I don't know where you would draw the line for two objects in the API to be equal or not
right now most models have an Equals implementation that returns true when their IDs are the same
which I think is a mistake
Darnell Williams
Aug 07 2016 18:27
I would agree only if the api is async :O
Or if the information is contextual
But then if the information is contextual, youre making a mistake if they are the same object