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Repo info
    Bradley Miller
    Just a heads up to anyone doing dev. Pay close attention to the flask-migration branch. I am splitting the current runestone reposistory into several more manageable pieces. It started today by breaking out all of the modules needed to build a book into a pip installable package. These now live in the RunestoneInterctive/RunestoneTools repository.
    Tomorrow, I plan to break out the differnt books into their own repositories under the RunestoneInteractive organization.
    Hey there all, is this a good place to ask a question about failing markup?
    Bradley Miller
    You can ask. I’m not sure what you mean by failing markup.
    are the solutions so the exercises posted anywhere on the internet.
    I am having trouble with the recursion exercises in httlacs.
    Ryan P. C. McQuen
    Is there a room to discuss the courses on interactivepython.org?
    Basheer A Radman
    Thank you @alshamiri2
    Alex Hall
    Hi @bnmnetp , want to discuss #1165 ?