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Aug 2016
Mark Wieczorek
Aug 07 2016 07:32
Before uploading our project to PyPI, I think that we should think about what we want the project to be called. I am starting to think that "pyshtools" is too long, and that "shtools" might be better.
One problem with doing this is that there is already a submodule called shtools that contains all the routines, so this would have to be renamed for clarity, and I don't have a good alternative yet.
Also, I am not sure if we would need to change the name of the pyshtools directory (which I like as is, because it distinguishes itself from the fortran src), or only change the project name in the file.
What do you think?
Ilya Oshchepkov
Aug 07 2016 07:43
Usual convention in Python is to use the same name both for the project and for the directory. I think pyshtools is good, because it is clear that there is SHTOOLS as main library and it's Python interface is pyshtools.