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Aug 2016
Mark Wieczorek
Aug 24 2016 01:26

Can we aim for sept 1? I should be back in paris in a few days...

it shouldn't be to hard to merge most of the pull requests. Do you want to release this as 3.3.1 or 3.4? Its possible that I could resolve the fortran stop issue in one month.

Aug 24 2016 09:52
Well, if you can resolve the stop issue it would be best
and then we bring out v3.4 on pypi
or even v4.0
even if it takes a bit longer ...
Ilya Oshchepkov
Aug 24 2016 13:14
Can we, if this is possible, add in the next version that Python's MakeGravGridDH will return also potential on the ellipsoid like in Fortran's version? Even if as non-optional output...