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Oct 2016
Mark Wieczorek
Oct 17 2016 12:50

I'm back. @MMesch, could you let me know what the logic is of doing this? Its not clear why you only set off non-masked coefficients equal to zero if copy is true.

       if copy:
 +            self.coeffs = _np.copy(coeffs)
 +            self.coeffs[~mask] = 0.
 +        else:
 +            self.coeffs = coeffs

I would naively just delete this

self.coeffs[~mask] = 0.
Mark Wieczorek
Oct 17 2016 13:15
I'm just going to merge SHTOOLS/SHTOOLS#61. I'll add some info about "copy" in the docstring in a few minutes, and lets revisit the purpose of mask later...