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Dec 2016
Mark Wieczorek
Dec 06 2016 11:49

New PR. Comments welcome: SHTOOLS/SHTOOLS#77
This PR allows the SHCoeffs.expand() method to evaluate the spherical harmonic coefficients on a set of latitudes and longitudes:

clm.expand(lat, lon, [lmax_calc, degrees])

lat and lon can be either anint, float, ndarray of arbitary shape, or a list. The returned value is the same form as the input lat and lon.

Mark Wieczorek
Dec 06 2016 11:54
@MMesch Are you going to fix up the projection routines for the next release? The only thing that I might do is write a python native spectrum routine that is based on the SHCoeffs.spectrum() method, but that is about all I am going to do.
Also, if there are no objections, I'm thinking that we should bump the version to 4.0 as there are a lot of incompatibilities with the previous release.
Dec 06 2016 12:52
agree. And yes, I'll implement the plot method as soon as we have a consensus on the arguments