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Dec 2017
Dec 01 2017 03:58
After merging #108, you should be able to update the submodule in the build-shtools repository. Also, make sure to update multibuild with cd multibuild && git checkout devel && cd .. && git commit -a to address to changes to the OSX image.
Mark Wieczorek
Dec 01 2017 12:33
Do you think that we are ready to build new wheels for version 4.1.2 ? Or does any more testing need to be done? Also, we should probably delete the wheels from pypi that aren't working (like osx). Are the 4.0 unix/windows wheels ok?
Dec 01 2017 21:30
One issue that we now have is that won't execute if pandoc is not installed. This change, while useful for SHTOOLS developers, is not really useful to end-users because it means that they need to have pandoc installed to build from source. Since we're providing wheels, that's probably going to be a very small issue. However, the effort to get pandoc installed on the manylinux containers is probably not worth that one-line change, and if the source distribution is uploaded first, it won't matter anyway.