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Repo info
    Graham Coombe

    Sorry one more question @andreas-marschke I have a react app which on load typically:
    1) Loads a bundle
    2) Shows a nav bar and loading spinner while it does an initial graphql call
    3) Once the graphql completes shows the main content

    Currently it seems like spa events wait for the graphql call to finish but not spa_hard events. Is it possible to get both to wait? Our page isn't really usable until the call finishes. Thanks!

    Graham Coombe
    I suspect it's because the xhr calls occurs before the onLoad event, as such the spa_hard event gets added to the auto-xhr mutation handler after the initial xhr calls. They then aren't marked as nodes that must complete for the spa_hard event to fire.
    Graham Coombe
    This is a quick and dirty version of what I'm looking for https://github.com/gcoombe/boomerang/tree/spa-hard-wait-for-xhr
    I want to remove boomerang details from console. Can someone please help?
    Philip Tellis
    @pratikgolchha I've responded on the github issue that you opened.
    Andreas Marschke
    @gcoombe You could just as well artificially hold the beacon until after the last events have come back with a custom Boomerang Plugin. This should not have an impact on your overall reported performance data mind you.
    Enes Genç
    Hey, i have question. im using try boomerang. I use iframes in my application. I want to capture xhr requests in these iframes. But i cannot ..Can someone please help?
    Hi there, I'm able to get spa sending a beacon but it doesn't send the t_page or t_resp attributes. What could I be missing?
    Is there a way to combine all Boomerang files (boomerang.js and other plugins.js) into one file ? Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks!
    Tsvetan Stoychev
    @enesfurkangenc if you are in control of/own the Iframes then you may try to load Boomerang inside the Iframes.
    @datawonderstory we have prepared Grunt build procedure. Could you check the docs here: https://github.com/akamai/boomerang/blob/master/doc/building.md#2-build-boomerang
    Tsvetan Stoychev
    @lloxmatters do you have the RT plugin enabled? Could you share a list of all plugins that you have enabled?
    emir cuneyt
    Hello all! Is public boomerang api key may cause some security issues?
    Philip Tellis
    @emircuneyt_gitlab boomerang does not have any API key. What are you referring to? If this is for Akamai mPulse, then no, there is no security issue as that is safe for publishing and does not have any associated capabilities or permissions.
    Gregory Clarke
    Hey Team, is there a python implementation of resourcetiming-decompression.js?
    Tsvetan Stoychev

    @gregology I am not aware of such implementation but migrating it to Python should be an easy task. Here I ported the decompressor to PHP for about 4 hours: https://github.com/revampix/boomerang-resourcetiming-decompression-php-port/blob/master/resourcetimingDecompression.0.3.4.php

    P.S. At the moment of porting I had not much experience with JS. If you are going to port it then use some kind of automated testing. I found it useful to test with input JSON resource timing string and compare the final output/result with pre-generated output taken from the JS implementation. Ref: https://github.com/revampix/boomerang-resourcetiming-decompression-php-port/blob/master/test/resourcetimingDecompressionTest.0.3.4.php

    Gregory Clarke
    Cheers @ceckoslab, our team will work on this a package it up if we get some free cycles :+1:
    Tsvetan Stoychev
    @gregology cool! Let me know if you need more information.
    Hi team...
    Need help...
    What is rt.js ? What is plug-in? How to create plug-in?
    Npm i boomerangs throwing error, is there any specific steps to install
    Tsvetan Stoychev

    Hello @vinothck I am sharing some docs:

    Information about rt.js / The RT plugin: https://developer.akamai.com/tools/boomerang/docs/BOOMR.plugins.RT.html
    How to create a plugin: https://developer.akamai.com/tools/boomerang/docs/tutorial-creating-plugins.html

    Feel free to explore the docs :)

    Jeno Laszlo

    hi. I need some help with registering soft navigation changes for an Angular (not AngularJs) app. Could you guys point me to some working example? Alternatively answer my stackoverflow question for glory?


    Harprit Chhabada
    Hi, Can you please help me with the below queries?
    1. t_resp is it , [responseStart - navigationStart] or [responseStart - fetchStart] or [responseStart - requestStart]
    2. is t_page [responseEnd - responseStart] or [loadEventEnd - responseStart]
    3. How can we measure TTLB(time to last byte)? is it [responseEnd-navigationStart] or [loadEventEnd - navigationStart]
    4. Difference in TTLB and load time?
    1 reply
    Harprit Chhabada
    Hello Everyone, I want to use BOOM.sendMetric() to send custom metrics on the fly , use case is to send info logs https://developer.akamai.com/tools/boomerang/docs/BOOMR.html#.sendMetric__anchor
    but when I try to use it gives error saying sendMetric is not a function, I checked the open source code, I could not find that function
    1 reply
    @ceckoslab @bluesmoon can you please help?
    Prashanth Naika
    @hchhabada_gitlab Trying to solve similar problem. were you able to get custom events to work ? Thanks
    Tsvetan Stoychev

    @hchhabada_gitlab @pnaika you can try with:

    BOOMR.sendBeaconData({my_metric_name: "my_metric_value"})

    However this will send only the metric data on a beacon.

    This is the payload I see as a result.

    my_metric_name: my_metric_value
    sb: 1

    You probably would like to add some extra data on the beacon like session id, current page url ...