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Jan 2016
Erick Lavoie
Jan 31 2016 14:08
Testing the chat room
@wukefe Testing the mentions by name in the chat room
Jan 31 2016 21:49
The place is connected to the project on GitHub. I can see your activities on GitHub are listed on the right side.
Erick Lavoie
Jan 31 2016 22:20
Yes that was intentional ;-).
I added a new page on the wiki to explain how to add a new benchmark implementation in an existing suite:
In the process, I found some things are still more complicated than they should be so I am simplifying stuff even more
So the instructions do not completely work yet, but should soon. I'll let you know when they are ready to test.
Thanks for requesting some documentation, that is forcing me to simplify things, which is good ;-)