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Feb 2016
Terence Monteiro
Feb 22 2016 13:25
hi friends, we have added couple of in-demand features:
Savings Deposit
Savings Withdrawal
We also have Apply for Savings and Apply for Loan buttons in the Client Detail page
Daniel Carlson
Feb 22 2016 22:04
@terencemo will obviously be attending the tech days and looking forward to the talk
Feb 22 2016 22:05
@DanCarl857 you’re coming to Amsterdam?
Daniel Carlson
Feb 22 2016 22:05
also been looking at the code and trying to figure out where to add some input
if you could ......
Daniel Carlson
Feb 22 2016 22:38
@edcable no I will attend and get as much as I can online
hope the tech days will be online