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Nov 2016
Ed Tshuma
Nov 03 2016 09:46
Hie guys. Just getting started on Mifos for Android. I wanted to enquire on the Android Clients for mifos... is there one language being used universally or they are a number of pathways as well as initiatives .Im not a great fan of programming Android with java, i realise the app here is on Angular JS Ionic so i guess i would rather go for Angular JS Ionic. have a strong background in web development
Any other information i need to get started.. set up etc greatly appreciated
Awasum Yannick
Nov 03 2016 09:47
Ed Tshuma
Nov 03 2016 09:49
Daniel Carlson
Nov 03 2016 11:15
@Ed87 you should contact Terence on if there is still any work to be done on this ionic app though I don't think there is