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Repo info
Daniel Lombraña González
@jacksongs we will try to debug it. Can you open an issue in Github so we can keep track of it?
Daniel Lombraña González
we have realeased a new PYBOSSA version 2.9.5 to fix an issue with the previous one
it only affected a corner case: when a user marked its own profile as restricted, pybossa was too restrictive not allowing him/her to access its own data :D
this is now fixed
also, we've added another goodie into cli.py
it's a method that can be used to reset your project completely (delete tasks, task_runs, results, stats and counters)
or to skip the tasks (keep them) and delete everything resetting the rest
it's pretty handy
Daniel Lombraña González
Hi there
long time since we've shared anything
We have just merged a minor improvement to the webhooks. Now, when you re-run them, you will get an arg in the POST with that value: rerun=true
so you can handle it in the code itself
also, we've added the info about webhooks into the official docs
I hope you enjoy it
also, a question for all of you
we want to support python 3 asap, but how urgent is for you this?
also, any help would be awesome!!!!
Hi @teleyinex hope you are well. I am keen to help you get the full-text search working. What's the best way for me to contribute?
Marvin R.
hi @jacksongs in general PR are always welcome and you have to sign a very small letter for contributing. Does this answer your questions? We are always happy for contributors
Hello there,
I am currently setting up a pybossa server and am having some issues getting the pbs cli to work. It always fails with the message "Connection Error! The server $servername is not responding". Is there a way to get more information to find out what exactly is going wrong there? As far as I can see, the server is accessible (I tried via Browser as well as telnet). Any help would be appreciated.
Daniel Lombraña González
@kreetrapper hi!
dunno what could be wrong
are you using a pybossa.cfg file?
@/all We've been very busy migrating pybossa to python3 Scifabric/pybossa#1909
it would be really cool if you could test it locally, and let us know if there's anything failing not working
we will update the whole ecosystem, but we wanted to start with the biggest one :D
I'm currently updating the README.md for the repository, so anyone can read about it
the new version runs on python 3.6
My apologies for never replying again. I was using a cgf file, but was communicating with a very heavily fire-walled server, so maybe the pbs cli is using an unusual port for communicating with the server?
In any case, I am no longer working under these circumstances, so further debugging is neither necessary nor possible for me.
But I have some more Pybossa work coming up in the near future and hope I will have time to check out the new Python 3 version then.
Hi everyone, I am currently writing a thesis at uni based on Pybossa. I am a little lost with describing what the method pybossa.run(PROJECT_NAME) does. Unfortunatly the docu doesnt really give a hint, only stating "Finally, we only need in our application to run the PyBossa project.". Can someone help me out? :)
Hi all. I'm currently trying to deploy pybossa on a sub path, i.e. not on http://my-server.eu but on http://my-server.eu/pybossa. But I am having trouble figuring out where and how I need to tweak the configuration to make this work. Just changing the value of SERVER_NAME in settings_local.py is not enough. Maybe I'm overlooking something obvious. Any help would be highly appreciated.
Daniel Lombraña González
@kreetrapper I have answered you in the Github issue
Thank you. I will try it out soon and report on the issue whether it worked.
Rémi Taunay
Hello! I cannot get to submit task runs through the API, can someone help me out?
All the details are in Scifabric/pybossa#1921
Thanks for your time
Hi everyone. Glad to have found pybossa, looks very professional, both architecture-wise and organizationally (e.g. great docs), and in general, the very flexible and approach is quite inspiring.
A couple qs here. 1. When annotating a dataset, I'd like to have a model in the loop. That is, assume I'm labeling data for a supervised learning task. But the model trained on what data is labeled already does more or less okay and I'd like to provide the annotator with the model's best guess so that they just corrected the mistakes and did not need to solve the whole task themselves. How would that be possible?
The other q is,
Sorry, gitter on mobile juts keeps posting :)
So the second q is re task presenters. How much freedom do I have there? Can I embed a whole mini app with highly customized fancy functionality, e.g. as a shadow dom root, with all the necessary resources, also using web workers etc.? Or is it supposed to be done simple html with a couple buttons?
Thanks in advance!
Errata: "flexible and open approach"; "supposed to be simple html"
Hey guys could I ask for some help ?
Hello everyone,
I'm new to pybossa and i've been trying to install it .. It works fine till a try to populate the databases (python cli.py db_create) is there's a way to know if this succeed or not? and assuming that it worked, i continue to run the web serverr using (python run.py) and then i try to connect to http:// myIP:5000 but nothing happens it keeps saying can't reach this page