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got it installed, only thing i changed was the mysql password.
but i can't past admin set up. after filling up everything and click register, i get redirected to login page.
tried to login and said my password is incorrect
looking at https://skf.readme.io/docs/first-run, i might need to set database to default if I want to re-register, how do I do that?
getting constant errors like this in firefox
Cross-Origin Request Blocked: The Same Origin Policy disallows reading the remote resource at http://localhost/api/user/skip. (Reason: CORS request did not succeed).
Hi, I have some issues with running labs
can I paste here a pert of error log?
Hi, I have an issue cloning the repo in windows: error: invalid path 'skf/markdown/knowledge_base/web/35-knowledge_base--PathTraversal:..._...__--.md' is possible to reengineer the filenames to be multiplatform including Window?, Thanks,
hello everybody
i see that dev was merge to main
i cloned the repo
that i see something ... weird ...
on landing or login page
if i wait ... 5 seconds
i see SKF dashboard
even from an incognito window
and ... i cannot create a new project
i guess that due the login "thing"
Glenn ten Cate

@jainhi123_twitter for the RHEL installation its similar to the steps in the Ubuntu 20 install doc:

Then install the needed stuff in RHEL like nginx, npm, ng and explained in the doc there
Also as you will not use the deployment of the Labs in SKF then you can before you build the Angular modify this file:
and set it to False so the GUI will not show the deployment option

@cowbe0x004_gitlab Hmm so you changed the Mysql Password? Could you maybe try it default without changing anything and see if it then works?
Maybe the username and password are not taken correctly when you change it. So if you can check without modifications that would be great. At least we can debug it together then
@cowbe0x004_gitlab Hmm normally you get those errors if you are making calls from a different domain or port. Where is the Angular SKF app running, how do you access it? Also on http://localhost or?
@ciborro yes please post them here so we can debug it :)
@morganmora aaah crap to hear... sorry we don't have Windows machines but I will get my hands on one so we do some testing and fixing it asap
@telekomancer That could be, what way did you use to launch SKF using docker-compose or?
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Glenn ten Cate
@telekomancer Normally indeed when you use the docker-compose then we configured SKF that it will skip the login part, it will automatically get a JWT token and login
but this is a limited user
if you want to admin user as well you can modify this line in the docker-compose file and change it to skfprovider:
then remove the images again in your docker desktop
and run docker-compose up
now you have the login
you follow the steps of first activation
and with after that you can login with admin and the password you picked :)
let me check
and ...
what about the old DB ?
sqlite ?
how can i migrate it to mysql ? "the new db" ?
thereis a migrate.py ? or something like that?
@blabla1337 got it working now. only thing changed in docker-compose.yml is SKIP_LOGIN to skfprovider, and all localhost to my skf domain. Thank you. I will continue testing.
do i need to set up Kubernetes for labs to work? it just say loading please wait.
Glenn ten Cate
@telekomancer no not yet but I will plan a meeting soon with Dan and see how we can make a migrate script
to facilitate the move of the old SKF users into the new one
@cowbe0x004_gitlab aah perfect, correct if you want the Labs you need to have a Kubernetes cluster
if you use the docker-compose then you need to update this line
and put there the base64 encoded string of the .kube/config file
cat ~/.kube/config | base64
put that output in that var LABS_KUBE_CONF
is there a set up guide for kube and what's in the config for local linux server? don't really have any experience with k8s