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Glenn ten Cate
should be changed to
luis servin
Thanks for your help. I've done the change and now it works! ­čÖé
Hi I installed skf on Ubuntu 20.04, using: https://github.com/blabla1337/skf-flask/tree/main/installations/docker
Everything seems to be fine, but I can create an admin account. I am following a procedure 1/1234/admin/example@owasp.org/pass then I am redirected to login screen but freshly created account doesn't work, so at the end of the day I can login. Could you please direct me what I am doing wrong?
luis servin
it seems like you might have the same issue I had. it turns out that an environment variable might be sending the application directly into it, without authenticating. For authentication you need to change the value in docker-compose.yml line 48 to skfprovider, as in @blabla1337 's answer to my question
I tried it - no luck
Hoang Nguyen

Hello, I just find out about this project. I have a few question regarding installation.

  1. Is it possible to install and operate the whole project on one virtual machine (Ubuntu 20.04)?
  2. If I choose the Docker install, will I be able to deploy labs on the same machine? (https://github.com/blabla1337/skf-flask/tree/main/installations/docker)
  3. Which guide should I follow if I want to use Minikube instead of a cloud provider?
  4. What is the recommended machine specs (RAM, Disk, CPU) if I want all of those locally?

My main concern is the labs, because I am practicing code review and secure web development.

Glenn ten Cate
@ciborro so if you want it to install on a bare metal server i would recommend to install it manually, the API python and the Angular?
the docker is ideal for the local app or maybe when you want to release it in a cloud environment?
maybe you can tell a bit more how you currently used the SKF docker?
so i can advise a bit more
Hi @catmandx
1 Hmm yes you can do that but you are not able to spin the Labs then. The Labs are basically Docker images that are deployed in Kubernetes
so you can but you also need to have a kubernetes cluster running somewhere
2 So if you install Docker Desktop and use Docker to run SKF
then you can also enable Kubernetes in Docker Desktop, then you are able to deploy the Labs as well
3 I would say the guide here is for Minicube but i also use the steps for example Google Kubernetes
Glenn ten Cate
4 For the Demo we currently use Raspberry Pi 4 the 4 Gig memory and 3 CPU Core version
3 master nodes
15 worker nodes
The SKF API we let it scale to max 5 worker nodes
The other worker nodes are for the Labs
we where able to have 50 people doing Labs the same time with this setup
Yuba González
Good morning, i am having troubles wiht the CORS someone had the same problem? i try to install the skf with docker compose but it is impossible xd. I also install kubernetes but i dont know what can i do, i thing that the problem is in the nginx server that dont send the things to the docker api
Glenn ten Cate
@yuba17 Hello
can you show maybe the Firebug Network output? To see where it tries to send the API calls to
And please let me know what steps you followed the K8s or the docker-compose

Hello everyone! I understand that this issue has been discussed many times, but the advice I saw did not help me.

I want to deploy skf locally on my Ubuntu VM. As I understand it, if I use k8s (minikube, cloud is not an option 4 me), then I won't be able to deploy labs. Therefore it is necessary to use docker + k8s cluster.
I deployed an empty cluster with minikube + ingress for SKF Labs env as instructed, then used docker-compose up. SKF works but labs are not available anyway. What am I doing wrong? :)

Browser console output:
ERROR TypeError: lab_split[3] is undefined (core.js:6241:19)
getLabAddress view.component.ts:75

Here's parts of configs that I changed:

docker-compose.yml env:


  • hosts:
    • labs.skf.local (also i tried localhost)
      secretName: skf-secret-tls
  • host: labs.skf.local (also i tried localhost)

/etc/hosts http://labs.skf.local (also i tried https and localhost)

Thank you!

Glenn ten Cate
@csgod4rbw Hi there
LABS_KUBE_CONF=~/.kube/config base64 value
needs to hold the /.kube/config file content in base64 value
did you do that?
then also what does the FireBug network tab show API call request and response
after this call
also run the kubectl to see if it was created or not in the k8s cluster
kubectl get services,deployments --all-namespaces; kubectl get pods --all-namespaces
you should see something like this
1 service/juice-shop LoadBalancer <pending> 57431:31127/TCP 39h
1 juice-shop-598c847b8b-qw4xf 1/1 Running 0 39h
@blabla1337 Hi
Yes, i passed the value i get with cat ~/.kube/config | base64 to the variable LABS_KUBE_CONF.
About kubectl commands - I ran them while calling a lab and didn't see any of what you have listed :(
Glenn ten Cate
can you show me the Firebug network tab
of the API call for the lab deployment?
the request and response
Screenshot from 2021-06-16 12-12-51.png

Yes btw changed version in docker-compose.yml to 2.4, because an errors appeared:
ERROR: The Compose file './docker-compose.yml' is invalid because:
Unsupported config option for services.mysql: 'platform'
Unsupported config option for services.skf-angular: 'platform'
Unsupported config option for services.skf-api: 'platform'.

After i changed version to 2.4 docker started.

Glenn ten Cate
aah check
so just to be clear
it's now working for you?
i see the API for spinning up the lab gave a 200 back so that looks good as well
No, it does not work. When I press "start" I see a white spinning logo and the inscription please wait. After that, I don't get the link, as it happens in the public demo version. I see just a page with list of labs. When I try my "lab.skf.local" resource, I see error 503 Service is temporarily unavalibale (as i understood it's cuz there is just Ingress and nothing else on that cluster).
Glenn ten Cate
@csgod4rbw try to debug it a bit, otherwise shoot me a DM so we can plan a short meeting. see if i can help you