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Apr 2016
Artus Kolanowski
Apr 21 2016 23:33
Hey guys, I've checked the existing AngularJS integrations and it looks like that the AngularJS 2 integrations making better progress than the AngularJS 1 integrations. On the other hand I see two approaches. The first tries to reuse the existing behavior components and the other approach is a complete rewrite. So what's the official strategy here?
Edward Carroll
Apr 21 2016 23:37
I'm currently working with @vladotesanovic on potentially moving forward with ng2-semantic-ui becoming the official set of integrations for Angular 2. We believe that rewriting the components without jQuery is the way to go as it is much more suiting of the way Angular works. We will however maintaining the jQuery integrations for those who want to use the functionality as is and don't mind having both dependencies. We should have everything made official within a week or so I am hoping :)