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Mar 2017
Mar 20 2017 09:28
Hi @denishaskin , IMHO Semantic UI is a great feature-rich CSS framework and Angular2 is awesome. The combination works for me, though I am not using any packages like ng-semantic. Just semantic HTML code, jQuery and Angular2 with some self-written directives to wrap the jQuery calls. I'd really go without jQuery but have not found the perfect package for that. It seems that there are some interesting projects out there that try to get Semantic UI jQuery free in Angular2 but they are missing some activity. I'd really like to contribute with my team, because both Semantic UI and Angular2 are so great, they should work together seamless in the future.
Hey @joshmobley, we currently have an active project using Angular2 and Semantic UI, currently without any package like ng2-semantic and still with jQuery. I'd like to get rid off jQuery, but haven't found the perfect package. What's your experience with both Semantic UI and Angular2 in combination without jQuery? I'd really like to contribute with my team, maybe we could work together to push this dream team forward again?