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What's the state of using Semantic UI with Angular 2? This channel's gone sort of dead.
Is using those two technologies together viable, or just a bad idea?
Josh Mobley
I'm interested in helping maintain the official ng2 project, anyone else working on that?
Stephen Ohimor
is semantic-ui with Angular2 still being worked on?
Hi @denishaskin , IMHO Semantic UI is a great feature-rich CSS framework and Angular2 is awesome. The combination works for me, though I am not using any packages like ng-semantic. Just semantic HTML code, jQuery and Angular2 with some self-written directives to wrap the jQuery calls. I'd really go without jQuery but have not found the perfect package for that. It seems that there are some interesting projects out there that try to get Semantic UI jQuery free in Angular2 but they are missing some activity. I'd really like to contribute with my team, because both Semantic UI and Angular2 are so great, they should work together seamless in the future.
Hey @joshmobley, we currently have an active project using Angular2 and Semantic UI, currently without any package like ng2-semantic and still with jQuery. I'd like to get rid off jQuery, but haven't found the perfect package. What's your experience with both Semantic UI and Angular2 in combination without jQuery? I'd really like to contribute with my team, maybe we could work together to push this dream team forward again?
Edward Carroll
I've just done a big update to https://github.com/edcarroll/ng2-semantic-ui that now includes popups, all written in native Angular so no dependency on jQuery. Please do take a look and see if it suits your requirements!
any idea guys how to implement the modal dialog with angular2 using semantic UI
Guys, can anyone help me for binding html content from Rest api to semantic ui modal content?
Hi, I see there was a issue report that hasn't got replied yet: Data-tooltip is not binding the value in angular2
Does anyone know how to bind data into data-tooltip in Angular 2?
When I try to use data-tooltip="{{tableName}}", I'm getting the following error:
Can't bind to 'tooltip' since it isn't a known property of 'div'
Hi, the issue number is 4655
Similar issue for data-tab
Phani Kiran Guttha
Hi All, am new to Semantic-UI. wanted to understand cross browser support of Semantic UI.
does it support IE10 and below browsers ?
Phani Kiran Guttha
Thanks @ColinFrick
do we have any work arounds for IE11 below browsers ?
Punita Ojha
This message was deleted
Derek J Lin
hey guys! Im' struggling with the multiple select element. here is the js fiddle. for some reason, question .topic is always null, like the value being selected is not going through to the controller. anyone have any idea what is goin gon? https://jsfiddle.net/hvn0wo6z/
Derek J Lin
any idea?
Gregory Rosenhan
I am using Semantic Ui along with Angularjs. Using ng-class to switch out classes has a break point of 948px while the mobile media query for Semantic is 768px. Is there a way to globally change the semantic ui default media query to 948px? Im fairly new to all this.
Edward Carroll
read through this guide, it will run you through the process of compiling a version of semantic UI with custom variable values :smile:
potentially also the build tools page to show you how to actually compile your changes
Gregory Rosenhan
I read through those but am not quite sure how Ill be able to override the media query
Edward Carroll
I may be mistaken but I think if you have a scan through the default theme files there are overrides for all of the screen sizes
Though may be wrong (going off the top of my head)
Jessy Lin
Hey, I'm trying to create a search selection dropdown with ng-repeat, but the dropdown just appears all at once, and typing in the search box doesn't filter the options: https://jsfiddle.net/d0LxLsrL/1/
Edward Carroll
@jlin816 you're running the Semantic UI initialisation function too soon, Angular hasn't had a chance to render the components yet. You need to delay the call to $('#search-select').dropdown(), most likely by putting it into a separate directive you can use in your app.
On an unrelated note, ng2-semantic-ui has just had another big update, adding a datepicker component, a pagination component & full support for localization. As always it doesn't rely on jQuery and is still in active development, currently targeting Angular ^4.1 :)
Jessy Lin
@edcarroll ah, thank you!
Derek J Lin
hi guys, I was wondering if someone could help me understand why semantic ui's accordion does not work with angularjs. as in my accordion js is not being executed when I click on the arrow.
Derek J Lin
@jlin816 uh mind helping me a bit with configuring semantic ui to work with rails angular?
Hey does anyone know if were able to use semantic UI icons with pseudo elements
nvm you can it just has to be an ':after' of a 'i' element
:after <i>
Bhavesh Pandey
Hi, is there any intro module for semantic with angular
like Power Tour
or Shepherd
Vinay Kumar
Hi, i am making update and delete operations using json-server in angular 4, so i need some help?
is anyone available?
Kevin Hernández Rostrán
Hello everyone. I want to contribute to this version of Semantic-UI-Angular. I think this is an awesome framework and want to contribute. How can I do it?
Hernando Hurtado Hoyos
@kevinah95 send e-mail at jack@semantic-ui.com
Julio Takayama
Hi everyone! I'm starting a new project with Angular 6 and Typescript and I'd like to know if semantic ui is compatible with this environment. I can't find at the semantic's website this information.
@juliotak it should be
what is best way to use semantic UI with angular 6 without using jquery ?
Hayat Mahedavi

Hi everyone, how do I set the selected value on Edit page for a Select Attribute

<sui-select name="'ds-data" class="selection ds-data" *ngIf="true" (selectedOptionChange)="changeDynamicSelections(metaData.id, $event)" placeholder="Select" [options]="dataCol" labelField="name" valueField="id" #select required>
<sui-select-option *ngFor="let option of select.filteredOptions" [value]="option">

Josue Valenica
@computer-pirates I wrote a blog about it : https://josuevalrob.com/article/angular-and-semantic
Yan Bourgeois


I have content same content in html pages or text or pdf or docx html page or site...

Does semantic will do the following with any of the above files?

Basically i want to do the following

a) type-ahead with no of matches found
c) highlighting the search word in found document or notes
d) easy navigation with next, previous, goto exact match button as well as keyboard shortcuts
e) search only in titles or inside content
f) search results in less than a second

how to use semantic for the above purpose, any theme? Please kindly help