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Yevhenii Kurtov
how to get active tab name?
David Pineda
hello! in a dropdown, how to set a class or id to the selected item?
and obtain the value from the selected item?
hello, SUI newbie here. I'm testing SUI, and I'm trying to switch the active theme among the ones provided in the development package. When I build, no problem, the gulp build-xxx commands run flawlessly. But, at run time, several themes require the octicons.eot asset which is not present in the SUI build output folder. Any idea?
Jeff Dickey
Has anyone ever gotten SUI working in a Ruby/Roda app? I'm having no end of trouble; I've used it for back-end APIs for years but this is my first app-with-front-end using it. Help?
ByeongSu Do
hello, is semantic ui document website available now? I couldn't access the website.
Indrek Siitan
works for me just fine
Philip Metzger
hey, I am using semantic-ui react Forms, when i submit my form, is there an easy way to get the data there or do i have to add handlers to save the data i the state?
from the docs im guessing thats the best way?
because it brings me to my next question how to best do validation
hi, any good guide on how to use the grid? i find it extremelly annoying to use in responsive webs :S
fixed header issue on android chrome browser ...
please help ...
SaphiLC what’s annoying, or what issue are you having?
@jdevng well, i have almost no control on the grid behaviour
unless im missing something
some frameworks makes it like this -> width-1-1@s width-1-3@m width-1-2@l
for example
here is doubling
Hello, folks!
specifically Search Selection
after country selection, the cursor remains active in the search field
how to make that it was not active?
Hi, anyone know why this will not work at all?
I literally copy/pasted the example
nevermind, the documentation didn't mention initializing the dropdown.. (tuba sound)
Is this project maintained?
Indrek Siitan
there hasn't been a release since summer. but I think most of us gave not given up hope yet
Hi again, I noticed that after I included the CSS on my document that the style for the entire document changed and not just the elements that I applied the semantic classes to. Any idea how to totally avoid that?
Indrek Siitan
i suppose to understand if there are element naming clashes
There are top level css things like .b .body in the CSS file
why would anyone do that?
is there any way to figure out which css files are required for a specific js?
@zerocarbthirty_twitter Individual Semantic components are listed here. Does this answer your question?
@SaphiLC Here is Semantic's version of what you noted on 12/4. At the bottom of that page is also information under the Responsive section that should be helpful. Semantic's grid/responsiveness works extremely well.
Talha Talip Açıkgöz
There is no rule matching the one you specified password
        .ready(function () {
              fields: {
                gradename: 'empty',
                password: {
                  identifier: 'password',
                  rules: [
                      type: 'empty',
                      prompt: 'Lütfen şifrenizi girin'
                      type: 'minLength[6]',
                      prompt: 'Şifre en az 6 karakterden oluşmalı'
                username: {
                  identifier: 'username',
                  rules: [
                      type: 'empty',
                      prompt: 'Lütfen kullanıcı adınızı girin'
                      type: 'minLength[4]',
                      prompt: 'Kullanıcı adı en az 4 karakterden oluşmalı'
                      type: 'maxLength[32]',
                      prompt: 'Kullanıcı adı en fazla 32 karakterden oluşmalı'
This still happens when I remove all rules from password
Talha Talip Açıkgöz
Nvm, gradename needs to be full form like others
Talha Talip Açıkgöz
Where is the logout icon? Icon page has no search
I found it after 10 minutes of search, but please put a search box
@Talha-T http://fontawesome.io/icons/ you have search there, just replace - for space
Toumi Wajdi
i have problem with fonts icon don't load
Moldovean Radu
Hi everybody. Can somebody give me a clue regarding semantic dropdown inside a scrollable container (let's say inside an accordion)? Is there an option to append the dropdown to the body?
Talha Talip Açıkgöz
Is there a similar popup like toasts here? http://materializecss.com/dialogs.html
Hi. Any way to style basic text input without having parent div?