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Indrek Siitan
what's the correct way to build a field with a dropdown on the left and label on the right so that the dropdown is a <select> ?
when trying to install semantic-ui with npm, I get errors when it's trying to compile/install the gulp part, that's normal I did not install it as I don't use node.js .. Can I ignore it ? Or it would just be better for me to clone the git repository and add the files located in dist/ "folder".
hi, i'm trying to theme semantic-ui but I can't seem to get it to respect variables i set in site.variables
details here
would appreceiate it if anyone can point me in the right direction
hi, I'm trying to open the same modal in few buttons but it's not work's
please help me
Eric Braun
let $modal = $('.ui.modal').modal();
$('.button_1').click(function() {

$('.button_2').click(function() {
second approach:
  .modal('attach events', '.button_1', 'show')
  .modal('attach events', '.button_2', 'show')
@oqq Thank you Eric! But i have some conflicts for sure and I'm trying to find them. I make a pen and there everything work but local not
Douglas Gaskell
How do you get dropdowns to show when using pushers? If I have a dropdown inside of a .pusher it does not show even when the pusher is set to overflow: visible
Douglas Gaskell
David Pineda
i have a modal and a id to load an openlayers map, the problem is although i tried the map doesn't show on the modal, but yes on the normal page
Maybe your script has problems
Hello, I'm using the modal module, and i don't want to close the modal when clicking on the dimmer, but make it closable when clicking escape or deny button, i tried "closable : false", but it disables both clicking tthe dimmer and escape, Thanks :smile:
David Pineda
@fixcore But the problem is i use the same examples as exist in the page, i laso tried googlemaps and doesn't load. Also i tried set the load map with a timeout and nothing....
Hi, hello, every one. I am new to semantic-ui, and in fact, i am new to frontend. i have a question, is there a template for a large column quantity(about 15) index page?
Indrek Siitan
15 column?
what content is that? given that regular desktop layouts are ~1200px wide, then with even 10px margins the columns would be like 65px wide
@indreksiitan , yes, column is too much, it is not enough to show all column info into one line in index list table.
I have no idea to do this.
if show all my column in table, some column is beyond the right screen. I have to try to neast table ... is there a alternative tempalte for this ?
Indrek Siitan
that last link didn't work, if you tried to show us something
but generally - Semantic's grid isn't very good. I personally use the grid and layout tools from Bootstrap and then UI part from Semantic
bootstrap allows you to have different grids and different layouts, Semantic only has grid or mobile (which is everything below the other stuff)
I just thought out some way to show all my 15 column in my index page, maybe I should not use table for this. though, I don't know use what for this.
I am a backend guy, luck feeling about frontend...
Daniel Lynch

Hey guys I'm having some trouble with getting API and multiple search selection dropdown to work.

Here is the JSFiddle: https://jsfiddle.net/8faLxstb/

The issue I'm having is that when I select an item in the list and then click back in the input box as if to search for a new term, the list of items is repopulated including the already selected items (which should normally be excluded as they are already selected)

Daniel Lynch
That one was using mockResponse, but this one is using response which is a little simpler but still has the issue: https://jsfiddle.net/Lzjdtp2z/
I want to resume a problem that I had with modals, for some reasons it start work when i put cdn scripts to head
Daniel Lynch
I found out that there is an open Enhancement/Issue for what I'm experiencing. No solution yet though :( Semantic-Org/Semantic-UI#5566
Felix Wehnert
Hello, is it possible to have a .ui.dropdown next to a .ui.button and both together full width?
like ui.buttons.
Daniel Lynch
Do you mean something like this?
Philip Metzger
hey, have a missed something or is it possible for the Menu component to make it transparent?
i.e. i want my own color for the menu bar
Philip Metzger
new question: I used the Image component and tried to make it circular but it remains square and the circular class is not added. any ideas why?
<Image size="medium" src="https://s3.amazonaws.com/uifaces/faces/twitter/coreyginnivan/128.jpg" circular />
Kate Austen
hey everyone
i'm using react semantic
and i'm having throubles with the portal window I have
I can not make radio buttons work if i put them into a portal based newly created popup
they just not triggering onChange function
i tried this
but it didn't work
somehow they're not triggered