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Kate Austen
they just not triggering onChange function
i tried this
but it didn't work
somehow they're not triggered
Zoe Love
does anyone know how to open a Dropdown programmatically?
im using react if that matters
i suspose you can do it with open on focus.. and just set the focuz to the dropdown. but it would be nice to be able to pass a function into the trigger prop, and when you cal that function it opens the dropdown... if that is even possible
Artus Kolanowski
Hey guys, I'm concerned about the future of this project. There seems to be no newsletter anymore at the website, the projecttalk.io link is dead, the last minor update is over a year old. I'm especially concerned because @jlukic mentioned in the meteor forums that he "maintain the direction of the project individually". I understand his position absolutely but I also know that the payload is huge and needs regular donations to not become a sidecar. IMO the core concepts making SUI one of the most clear CSS frameworks and it would be a real lost if this project dies. Am I paranoid or is this project sitting on a dying tree?
Indrek Siitan
Yeah, I do share your concern
though, for factual correctness, the last update (2.2.13) is from August, so it's ca 6 months old
@Banandrew has gone quiet, too
Artus Kolanowski
I meant minor update in terms of semantic versioning, 2.2.13 would be a patch update ... but you're right
Damn that's not good ...
Red Traverse
Hey guys!
I have gone through the documentation but haven't found anything related to loading data using API in a table. Is this possible via semantic-ui api?
Daniel Koch
Hi there. Why am I getting an invisible dropdown menu? https://jsfiddle.net/gm7k133g/ - The "world" menu item should launch a dropdown menu. Am I doing something wrong?
My inspector can "see" a menu.transition.visible element there, but it's totally invisible
Indrek Siitan
remove overflow-y from .ui.sidebar
this causes the horizontal overflow to be hidden
Daniel Koch
worked! thank you
Jack Lukic
I'm going to try for more regular updates in 2018
I do not know suitable for novice learning? learning is not convenient?
google translate!
Jack Lukic
Indrek Siitan
@jlukic - is there a plan/roadmap for a 2.2.14? 01/01/2018? :)
Jack Lukic
I've done a lot of thinking about OS in the last few years. I've considered raising capital around a SUI company. I've considered patreon and asking for donations. I've considered moving to places where cost of living is significantly cheaper. My goal is to find indefinite project sustainability without a cycle of donations or any conflicts of interest that can come about from starting a company around OS. I want to be working on figuring out SUI and open source UI until my final days. I think the most clear way to do that is to be able to finance an annuity, first for myself, but also for others who contribute significantly to OS. This should cost around $3mil USD per person to provide indefinite financing at about 2x cost of living in major US cities like nyc or sf. The way to get there has required me to return to proprietary work more than I would like to, but I'm hoping if I get there to spread this idea to other OS projects, and convince other large institutions FB/Google/etc that annuities/grants are the correct way to finance OS development for critical projects.
Indrek Siitan
most OS companies rely for support/training/that kind of stuff for revenue
Jack Lukic
i've gotten to know some of the core team at meteor
and their pivot to apollo has shown how financed companies have to follow the money trail
$3m usd can provide ~120k/year to finance development at a safe 0.04%
so generally around $3m can finance an OS project indefinitely
I think the idea of an endowment is more akin to the spirit of OS, but it is more capital intensive
the price to play is a bit more steep, its not something you can crowdfund
but if you can convince the right institutions of the value, the work can continue indefinitely
Jack Lukic
after having spent ~3 years of my life trying to make OS work with part time proprietary work, or just plain being broke. I dont think I know of any other way that seems reasonable without compromising the software. Unfortunately it means I have to push back development until I can find the means of financing to sustain it.
Jack Lukic
When I get to the point to be able to finance SUI completely, i will create a non-profit that can hold enough money to sustain constant development
I want something that no one has to pay for, and that can live beyond my generation.
It's a bit broader dream though, and so for now, its a bit of a slog to figure it out
and I apologize for not being able to work on major upgrades to SUI as frequently as prior periods
If anyone knows any bitcoin millionaires who share this kind of dream, send them my info ;)
Artus Kolanowski
@jlukic Tough words! I feel you totally and this is a point we are getting political. The current system we are living in (for decades) is not made for unleash the best in all of us. But there are still people trying to living a dream. That's great, really! Unfortunately I've also no answers at the moment to those questions and I'm stuck somehow in this rat race we all are in, but fortunately I'm in a much better position than more than 50 %. Currently I'm only able to say keep the good work up, stay healthy and follow your dreams. Thank you for your hard work and I'm looking ahead positive! It will getting better I know that :). I wish you all a happy new year! We will see us in 2019 ...
PS: Regarding the bitcoin millionaires: I will do that! ;)
Yevhenii Kurtov
Hi folks! I'm dynamically updating Dropdown list with $('#group').dropdown({values: resp}); and it happens so that I should not allow for dropdown to be empty. But that is exactly what happens after update - there is no selected value. How to fix that?
Indrek Siitan
$('#group').dropdown({values: resp}).val('xx') ?
Yevhenii Kurtov
Not really:
resp = [{name: "Apple", value: 1}]
$('#group').dropdown('change values', resp).val(resp[0]); //doesn't work
$('#group').dropdown('change values', resp).val(resp[0].value); //doesn't work
$('#group').dropdown('change values', resp).val(resp[0].name); //doesn't work
Indrek Siitan
but something like this?
$('#group').dropdown('change values', resp); $('#group').val($('#group option:first").attr('value'));
Yevhenii Kurtov
.dropdown('set selected', resp[0].value); works but I had a hope that there is an option to disallow empty values and that Dropdown will pick the first value automatically