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Romans Malinovskis
It’s a mindset. You should work for “community” not “yourself”.
Another thing you could do is to set up site for selling SUI themes.
Kate Austen
@romaninsh do you have any idea about my situation
Romans Malinovskis
hi, no.
im quite bad at css and js.
Kate Austen
@anyone please help im really stuck at this
Indrek Siitan
@gomestai - this seems to be more a React question rather a Semantic question, sorry :(
Kate Austen
but there is no react room in gitter :( and also in react documentation of semantic ui, there is no clear explanation about this
if you have any clue please help me, at least you can tell me what i have to search about
Indrek Siitan
react has a discord channel and an IRC as far as i know
Kate Austen
hmm ok thanks
oh,i thought OS is another SUI like project, thanks
Daniel Lynch
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!
I've never contributed to an open source project before, but I use Semantic UI at work and though I really enjoy it, it is not perfect and I'd love to help improve it. Does anybody have any tips on contributing to Semantic?


I was looking to listen on events for when dropdown is shown and hidden.. any idea how to do this?

Something like.. $el.dropdown('on show', function(){})?


Thanks.. will check it.. but somehow I feel that's not exactly what I am looking for?
Grem Remy
Hi Guys and Happy Holidays. I was wondering if Semantic has Sketch files for designers and if so where I can find them. I was able to find one (semantic-ui-kit.sketch) but it just has a few form elements and is not as expansive as I would need it to be. Thanks!
Indrek Siitan
I think that's the best one to date, the author of that just published it here recently and asked for feedback and what should he add there
Andrew Golubev
Sorry for being quiet, I’m busy working and can’t contribute to SUI at the moment. This might or might not change in 3 months, so if you understand the framework well, use it from time to time, and would like to help out with the growing amount of issues, please consider sending an email to the maintainer to ask for moderation permissions—you can find his address at the end of README.md. You can send me an email afterwards, I have some saved replies for GitHub that you might find useful. I still have an email from Jack where he explained how he handled things initially, and I can forward it to you as well.
Hi. I need to display GSM signal icon for various signal levels. There is 'signal' icon but it shows all bars (full signal). What is the best way of achieving this? Is there any better way than adding custom icons - one icon per signal level?
Indrek Siitan
I would probably go for a self-made SVG where I can show-hide bars with CSS
Where would you add this SVG? React app or semantic-ui site theme?
Indrek Siitan
just in your app
Would this solution allow me to change size of such SVG in the same way as normal icons (by setting font-size)?
What is the proper way to add new icons to semantic-ui and keep using font awesome?
Indrek Siitan
not by font-size, but since SVG is vector, you can just set the width/height of the <img> tag and it will resize accordingly
and hide/show the bars using CSS
What is the proper way to add new icons to semantic-ui and keep using font awesome? In other words how to extend default icons set?
Indrek Siitan
FA is an icon font, so extending that is a lot more work
would probably be easier to add a second icon font of your own then already
using http://fontello.com or something similar
fontello has like 7-8 different icon fonts which you can combine from, but none of them seem to have separate icons for different number of bars
so I stick to my opinion that SVG is the way to go
OK, thx.
Gideon Israel Dsouza
h i quick question. Is there a way to collapse the menu into the mobile hamburger menu state on the desktop view?
Indrek Siitan
i have a menu question too :)
is there a way to make the secondary menu a multi-level one?
trying to achieve something like this: https://codepen.io/indreksiitan/pen/opzVPz
Grem Remy
@indreksiitan thanks
Grem Remy
@garystover Hi there, last year you had posted a Semantic ui kit on this group but I'm not finding it anymore. Any chance you have continued to work on it and might be willing to share?
Jos van Egmond
Hello, I'm new to semantic-ui and havent done a lot of (professional) web development. I got a bit lost between all the possible frameworks and libraries. My goal is to build a front-end in Semantic-ui, for my back-end, which is an elasticsearch database. What is lightweight and easy to use framework that can translate my elasticsearch queries and data back and forth to semantic-ui?
Or if I can do it solely with Semantic-ui, that is fine too, but I couldn't figure it out.
I tried yii2 for an instance, but it seems overly complicated for what I want to do and the semantic-ui plugin seems unstable. Also dug into mustache, but I couldn't work out how to fit it in. I'm still struggling figuring out the basic stack infrastructure, where to place what code. Any guide on that would be nice too!
Search queries mostly show examples of people who already are professionals, and skip some basic part I'm apparently missing.
Ahmad Waddah
guys any one had a icon font with firefox
icon font issues
not working with firefox but same file work with chromium
Hi, I have problem with sticky note icon