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Indrek Siitan
and hide/show the bars using CSS
What is the proper way to add new icons to semantic-ui and keep using font awesome? In other words how to extend default icons set?
Indrek Siitan
FA is an icon font, so extending that is a lot more work
would probably be easier to add a second icon font of your own then already
using http://fontello.com or something similar
fontello has like 7-8 different icon fonts which you can combine from, but none of them seem to have separate icons for different number of bars
so I stick to my opinion that SVG is the way to go
OK, thx.
Gideon Israel Dsouza
h i quick question. Is there a way to collapse the menu into the mobile hamburger menu state on the desktop view?
Indrek Siitan
i have a menu question too :)
is there a way to make the secondary menu a multi-level one?
trying to achieve something like this: https://codepen.io/indreksiitan/pen/opzVPz
Grem Remy
@indreksiitan thanks
Grem Remy
@garystover Hi there, last year you had posted a Semantic ui kit on this group but I'm not finding it anymore. Any chance you have continued to work on it and might be willing to share?
Jos van Egmond
Hello, I'm new to semantic-ui and havent done a lot of (professional) web development. I got a bit lost between all the possible frameworks and libraries. My goal is to build a front-end in Semantic-ui, for my back-end, which is an elasticsearch database. What is lightweight and easy to use framework that can translate my elasticsearch queries and data back and forth to semantic-ui?
Or if I can do it solely with Semantic-ui, that is fine too, but I couldn't figure it out.
I tried yii2 for an instance, but it seems overly complicated for what I want to do and the semantic-ui plugin seems unstable. Also dug into mustache, but I couldn't work out how to fit it in. I'm still struggling figuring out the basic stack infrastructure, where to place what code. Any guide on that would be nice too!
Search queries mostly show examples of people who already are professionals, and skip some basic part I'm apparently missing.
Ahmad Waddah
guys any one had a icon font with firefox
icon font issues
not working with firefox but same file work with chromium
Hi, I have problem with sticky note icon
It's look like browsers recognize that there is a icon like that, but couldn't find it
I check it on chrome, ff, edge
If I remove ‘horizontal’ from the following code, the list renders. With ‘horizontal’, the list does not render. What am I missing?
<div class="ui horizontal list">
<div *ngFor="let item of items" style="color: white" (click)="selectHandler($event, item)">
<app-item [item]="item"></app-item>
Kate Austen
hi guys
many components not working properly inside of react portal
what do you think about it?
Indrek Siitan
I'm not using React myself so I don't know, but I assume that if you use the regular Semantic, a lot of "not working properly" might come because the elements need initialization (which is done at first page load) and if you render them into DOM after, they don't get initialized
Kate Austen
Im using react version, all of them works perfect untill I render them inside of portal
Especially fluid serach selection dropdown
For example text inputs needs to have a onchange handler in order to work properly
If i dont set a handler i can not even type on them
Indrek Siitan
"Portals provide a first-class way to render children into a DOM node that exists outside the DOM hierarchy of the parent component." - if the elements are initialized on the parent and this isn't specially handled, I guess this might indeed happen (again, speaking from general, non-React knowledge)
Kate Austen
I will definately give it a try
Kate Austen
Yes they indeed initializing outside of portal element then mount as a child
Jan Rychter
Is it possible to globally disable debugging in Semantic UI so that debug code isn't even generated? There are a lot of debug messages in the code, which I don't want in production builds…
Bassem Dghaidy
Hey everyone, regarding the dropdown element, currently remote data is loaded following a focus event. How can I explicitly invoke the data load method (if any)?
Kate Austen
hi guys
in dropdown component
i can not get data.value on onClose handler
Indrek Siitan
Kate Austen
I'm using react version
Daniel Lynch
@Link- Have you tried $(selector).api("query") ?
@gomestai can you post a jsfiddle?
Kate Austen
@dlynch29 i will, but as far as I saw data object on onClose event handler doesn't have a value prop
but onChange have that
Daniel Lynch
Okay. I wasn't certain what you were trying to do. I'm on mobile and don't feel like looking at the documentation yet. It might be janky but you could do a $(selector).dropdown("get value") inside on the onclose?