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Kate Austen
i can not get data.value on onClose handler
Indrek Siitan
Kate Austen
I'm using react version
Daniel Lynch
@Link- Have you tried $(selector).api("query") ?
@gomestai can you post a jsfiddle?
Kate Austen
@dlynch29 i will, but as far as I saw data object on onClose event handler doesn't have a value prop
but onChange have that
Daniel Lynch
Okay. I wasn't certain what you were trying to do. I'm on mobile and don't feel like looking at the documentation yet. It might be janky but you could do a $(selector).dropdown("get value") inside on the onclose?
Indrek Siitan
"don't feel like looking at the documentation yet"
when would be the right time to look at documentation? :P
Daniel Lynch
@indreksiitan When I'm not lying in my bed at 6AM
Has anyone tried using Dropdown API with default values? It doesn't seem to call the API if there are default values.
Jack Lukic
Happy holidays everyone
I’m still on vacation in Moscow (first time here) but plan on releasing a patch next week after I get back
The new year should have more updates for SUI
Indrek Siitan
happy new year to you, too
Fredrik Kindström
I have real problems with something simple that just should work, preselecting on a div-based dropdown, anyone know what could be wrong? https://github.com/Semantic-Org/Semantic-UI/issues/1516#issuecomment-355745680
Isnt value on the hidden input and data-valueon the items the only thing that should be needed?
Mikhail Kirillov
@jlukic here is pretty strange weather :) Rain and then suddenly snow

my brain is spinning and I am stranded decisionless. as airbnb founder said, instead of making snap decision and deal with repurcussions, focus most of research on choosing what you want to do, but then not worry about having made that decision. am stranded on the boat where I am not able to decide firmly on which UI framework gives me the wholesome css features for React, similar to what bootstrap offers: responsiveness to browser designs, wide variety of features like modal, forms which will make my life super easy.

what do u guys have to say, your vote is for, material ui or semantic ui or react bootstrap?

Indrek Siitan
my personal $0.02: bootstrap has the best "display utilities" (grid, margin classes, etc). Semantic for me has the nicest UI. Material is complete (more complete than Semantic), but the Material forms are just butt ugly I think :)
so I personally use a combo of BS and Semantic - I have extracted the display helpers from BS and then use Semantic UI elements
Bassem Dghaidy
@dlynch29 I have not yet, the core idea is that I want to set selected values after all the values have been retrieved remotely. The issue is that the drop-downs are only populated on a click event and I can't seem to be able to trigger it otherwise. I have tried .dropdown('refresh') it doesn't fire the API call.
@dlynch29 Basically, I'm having the same problem described here: Semantic-Org/Semantic-UI#2247
Bassem Dghaidy
I have even tried $('selector').trigger('click') in vain
@frellan Welcome to the club, I'm working on the same problem :D The issue is that your data isn't loaded into the dropdown so when you're selecting elements, you're basically selecting nothing.
Bassem Dghaidy
@frellan I'm going down this route > http://jsfiddle.net/kmd1970/go4e8uvn/ < and the results are promising. I don't think there's a better way.
Indrek Siitan
what's wrong with it? seems like a perfectly reasonable and logical approach
Sunil Dhillon
How can we have responsive fixed notice above top fixed menu?
Has anyone used Semantic UI with Rails? I am trying to figure out a good way of styling the ruby gem devise error messages which are stored in a yaml file?
Daniel Lynch
@Link- This is the issue I'm having. If my dropdown has default values then the API call never happens. When I call $(selector).api("query") I get an error in the console about there being no URL. However, if there were no default values, that api call works properly.
Daniel Lynch

I've gotten one step further. If the dropdown has default values and I need to call the API, I can do $(selector).api(apiSettings) (pass in the apiSettings object with a property of on: "now"

But it doesn't seem to add any items to the dropdown. Why not?

@Link- I'm wondering if I could do this manually with the API... I will try things out.
Indrek Siitan
Screenshot 2018-01-08 22.12.29.png
this weird artifact appears there on hover - a <div class="menu left transition visible"></div>
is this intentional for something?
Indrek Siitan
Screenshot 2018-01-08 23.11.25.png
another bug :(
prajwal jagadish
@jlukic [Modal] scrolling modal + multiple modals #2423, we are facing this issue from long time and it became priority one issue now. can i know when it will be fixed?
Chris Wingler
anyone know how to get a dropdown menu working properly in react-semant-ui? do you need jquery?
Charlie Hsieh
Anyone tries to integrate semantic-ui with theming with Rails?
Samuel JJ Gosling
Wuzzup semantic's
Anyone know how to stop your sidebar fudgin' up your page?
Myles McNamara
heyoooo semantiannnssss :P lol
I build a plugin for meteor cordova projects using Semantic UI dimmer and loader https://github.com/tripflex/meteor-suiblocker
i see that ver 2.2 support ie 11> what with ie 10?
I think semanticUI is getting more and more popular, and the Github issue tracker is about to explode :D
@golannah IE10 is o.k. for me, IE9 doesn't work at all