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Andrew Vickers
@tkrebs2 do you want it to stop below the header or go on top of it?
Greg Risch
Hello there
I have an issue when tying to install Semantic via NPM/Gulp

const { Math, Object } = primordials;

ReferenceError: primordials is not defined

Can someone help me?
this exception occurs after gulp install
Greg Risch
Gulp 4 is not compatible
Gulp local must be set a 3.9.1
Greg Risch

npm install gulp-cli -g
npm install gulp@3.9.1

when running gulp -v in your project folder, you should get this:
CLI version: 2.2.0
Local version: 3.9.1

Then run the semantic install with npm. It was ok for me

Need to update the install page
Marco 'Lubber' Wienkoop
@gregrisch_twitter If you seek for Gulp 4 support, try the community fork https://github.com/fomantic/Fomantic-UI
sole khan
I am applying maxlenght on Input not working please help
{/ <label>Username</label> /}
<Input placeholder=" Username" icon={<Icon name='user' inverted bordered />} iconPosition='left' />
<Link href="#">Forgot Username?</Link>
I seem to be having an issue with my Sidebar- just having a sidebar is making the entire page white, and setting "dimpage" to true or false makes the page white, but if I dont do anything to reference "dimpage", then the page is the correct color --until-- I toggle the sidebar
Would anyone know what could cause that?
Yan Bourgeois
hello everyone !
question quickly !
with validation form
it is possible to allowing 1.00000 max decimal and allowed 0.000001 ?
Max 1.0000 and Min 0.0001
Yan Bourgeois
and anyone know how to fix the button when im writing a good thing in the field ? it stay disabled ...
Andres Alcocer
Hey guys I've just finished making a slack clone (full stack app) with React, Apollo, GraphQL and Postgres. I would love some feedback! Check it out here (you can create a fake account): http://heavy-eye.surge.sh/
Weilun Tong
Hi! Is it possible to make a Semantic UI button fluid but square?
@AndresXI great!
Andreas Wunder
hi all, i totally struggle with a sidebar in a specific context.. have created an SO question to somewhat illustrate my issue: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/56633786/semantic-ui-sidebar-with-context-had-to-move-sidebar - any help would be awesome!
Fabiano Lothor
Hello guys. I'm starting a project with my team and we are deciding how ui framework is better to use right now. We are looking for Semantic UI with good eyes. But since october/2018 has no one commit on the project. What are the nexts steps to this framework?
Marco 'Lubber' Wienkoop
@fabianolothor_gitlab https://fomantic-ui.com is the active community fork. Recent release 2.7.6 2 days ago
Hey guys Im new to semantic ui and Im using cdn files on my page. I m getting this error
Uncaught ReferenceError: jQuery is not defined
Im using "jquery": "^3.4.1"
Marco 'Lubber' Wienkoop
@netdevv1_twitter you most probably haven't included jquery before Sui
Princewill Samuel
:point_up: June 18, 2019 11:05 PM what happens to the main project? do you plan to contribute back to it eventually?
@netdevv1_twitter did you import j
Hi all, this might be a areally stupid question, but somehow I couldn't even install semantic
I am fairly new, hopefully any of you guys can help out?
it seems like it is stuck on Pre-built binaries not found for fsevents@1.2.4 and node@12.4.0 (node-v72 ABI, unknown) (falling back to source compile with node-gyp)
@jx63king whats your node version
Sanyam Jain
Hello people!
I updated to semantic-ui 2.4 from 2.2 & modals have broken. any suggestions on how to fix it ?
Marco 'Lubber' Wienkoop
@safaldas modals have been fixed several times in fomantic-ui.com Could you try if the recent 2.7.6 works in your case?

Hello, my name is Liora and I am currently hunting open source projects for company NeuraLegion (www.neuralegion.com)
We just launched a free annual subscription for open source projects for our AIAST tool NexPloit.

If you are interested, please, reach us on opensource@neuralegion.com!

Thank you for your time and consideration! If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!


Hi all, has someone here succeeded building a project with Semantic-UI using webpack?
Philip Metzger
hello, i have semantic 0.87.1 and somehow when i show the Modal component in react, it seens low down beneath the fold. any ideas why?
Philip Metzger
.ui.modal { top: 10% !important; }
end up doing that to fix it however
Tyagraj Bhatt
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