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I have tables with same header cells and same body cells, only with 2 different sources(APIs) for data.
Currently, I've made 2 pages with same code and different URLs.
How do I re-use the code?
Andrew Milmoe

@hammy2899 Excellent! Thank you. This will take me a lot further. I got a bit spoiled using the Predix Sketch template:

Which is quite comprehensive, but largely abandoned. (Which is why I'm adopting Fomantic.)

When I install semantic-ui, I will get a lot of error messages. The version of my nodejs is 12.9.1, and the version of npm is 6.10.2. How can I solve it?
@dbinhua What kind of errors are you getting?

Hello all:

Sorry, I am quite new to this but I have some questions about Semantic UI and project structure.

  1. Is it correct that the Semantic folder should sit outside of the node_modules folder?
  2. When deploying for production, do we really only need dist/semantic.min.css?

Thank you!


All, I've got what could be either Newbie bad luck or a Bug.
I'm trying to add a top label to a row, but when I do so, the label is appearing in the next parent up instead.

imgur link of what i see: https://imgur.com/a/JnmUST5

gist of the code in question: https://gist.github.com/Daenks/854623f22edb1d5c2425836d7a559841

The issue can be created by uncommenting the only commented line.

Am i doing something wrong?

Is this even the right place to ask for help?

Hey folks, I want to replace the google fonts with some other URL. I googled it and found this out(https://github.com/Semantic-Org/Semantic-UI/issues/6435#issuecomment-398339397). But I don't want to download the links and reference it. I just want to change the URL from google fonts cdn to some other one. Is there any way to do this?


Marco 'Lubber' Wienkoop
@rammanoj either change the variable and build it yourself or overwrite the font in custom css
which variable is it stored?
I just searched a bit and found out that there is no alternate fetching for fonts.googleapis.com
Whatever the font I need I have to fetch the resources from that paticular url
what if I want to fetch the details from the other fontcdn?
Marco 'Lubber' Wienkoop
@googleFontRequest if you overwrite the whole URL you can use whatever you want. If you set @importGoogleFont to false it's not even implementing it all
Allan Oloo
Hey guys! I am working on a small B2C web app. I am experienced with the front end frameworks and server-side coding. But yet developing the application architecture and infrastructure is still darn hard. As developers do you still find it challenging to build web apps even with the necessary skill set? If so what are the biggest challenges you ran into when building your application? I just wanted to see if I am the only one who runs into these kinds of problems.
Sahil Pethe
Does anyone know how to remove the delay when the sidebar is set to 'hidden'? I am not talking about the default 500ms animation because that is just the animation which brings in the text of the sidebar. I am talking about the sidebar animation itself. I want to set it to 0 that's why I am asking.
Hi everyone! How to make radio-button like button?
Hi. I found some typo ( elements/Flag/Flag.js )

Hi all, I am struggling to work out a way to skip validation rules when submitting a form for 1 button, but not for another. e.g. If I have a submit, preview and save button, I do not want validation for the save button as this is just a "work in progress" save (which avoids work being lost). Is there a straightforward way of doing this?


Zacharias Zacharodimos
@whiteboxcode as save is a work in progress why don't you define it as type="button" instread of submit?
@zzacharo - I could, but I guess then the field "commit" = "save" would not be submitted with the form?
Zacharias Zacharodimos
so you want to submit in all cases but just not validate right? Couldn't you have a click handler that is bypassing the validation part of submit? Actually where is the validation happening?
You mean to just write up some JS to handle the form button click, validate in some cases and submit the form if validation passes, or is not required?
Zacharias Zacharodimos
something like that
Yes, could do but was sort of hoping there was some class I could add/remove on the button which would submit without validation.
@zzacharo - thanks for the help. Just wrote some simple JS to create an input field and add it to the form right before submitting.
actually if the checks are done on form submission, when you call the form.submit(), it appears to trigger the validation anyway - any thoughts on how to bypass this?
ho guys
just had a question for ya
how would i center an item in a menu
i have a menu and i have a button on the left and a button on the right but i just want a static logo in the middle
hi guys~
Pablo Guerrero
Does anybody knows how can I implement this pointing dropdown in Angular 7 component? https://semantic-ui.com/modules/dropdown.html#/definition
Hi All, got a question about Semantic UI + Angular. I started using Semantic UI in Angular. I tried to use input with icon left, but Angular is changing order of classes so it does not work. Do you know how to solve it ?
Hi All - I have a query - can't confirm if my bug or knowledge gap yet - about having vertical scroll bars on a list in grid column. The list might be a distraction, I cant get a plain div with an image to play either. The issue with a working snippet is on stackoverflow https://stackoverflow.com/questions/58451608/semantic-ui-list-scrollbars-not-showing. Can anyone help please?
Amar Gill
@Lite5h4dow there is a technique to have menu items evenly divided. see the docs.
Hi all, I have a secondary menu. Issue is anytime I scroll through page, the content is visible behind the secondary menu (it is my navbar for my site). Any way to make the secondary menu opaque?
Hi all, is there a way to have a conditional statement to validate a field based on a select drop-down option? For example, if user select "Yes" from dropdown, make another field required? If user selects "No" that other field is optional and form submits. Can anyone please help point me in the right direction? Spent hours on this with no luck
Never mind...figured it out finally!
hi guy
does anyone here have problem with there footer that would be on the exact place?
Philip Metzger
hey @all, i have an issue with the React Dropdown with Input. When i click into the input in the dropdown, then the dropdown disappears. It even happens here: https://react.semantic-ui.com/modules/dropdown/#content-input
Also closeOnBlut still closes the dropdown when I click into the input
Philip Metzger
do I really have to add onClick={(e) => e.stopPropagation()}