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Michael Holopainen
P.S. we have already switched to fomantic months ago. I just keep peeking over my shoulder if SEmanticUi wakes up.
Marco 'Lubber' Wienkoop

I have tried to use $('.ui.search').search('set', 'test'); but it doesn't work

This isnt implemented tpo be called from outside. It's bound to the keyboard handler when a return is typed or the search icon clicked. Try the behavior "event result click" This is at least the function which is called

Krish Gupta
I have feature request
Normalize CSS Has A Lots Of Issues And It is really popular and used across many sites plus it's heavy. Because Of That Our Sites Look Similar To Other Sites And They Are Heavy As Well. So, I Suggest That If We Need A Simple Reset. We can use something like minireset.css by jgthms. If We Need A CSS Normalizer We Can Use Something Like Sanitize.css or Bootstrap's Reboot
Russell Jurney
Is this the place to ask questions?
I have a Search Category with and Icon and I can't make it wider. Nothing works and I can't figure out the API.
It wants to be 200px even when I set the width in Chrome Inspect to 600px
Hridaya Agrawal
Hello Everyone
Mark S. Miller
joe f
Good Morning! I am new to Semantic and some other things. I would like to know how one could confirm that the theming of USWDS was properly incorporated into Semantic UI?
joe f
@msmiller: Hi Mark can you help me with an issue?
How would you clear the content of a text input by pressing its icon? https://pastebin.com/5sZcYadb
There seems to be no help here. :-|
Serenity Now
@I-keep-trying: That's good to know! I was just coming to aska question about Button causing a warning about findDOMNode being deprecated in StrictMode. Maybe I should try Gitter? Not sure if this is a two way bridge, and both locations are dead...
Jean-Paul Sauve
is this project dead?

is this project dead?

This gitter room certainly is.

I wish there was a community for semantic-ui. Sure could use some help now and then. :-\
Serenity Now
This project was forked, and the new package is fomantic
Development has ceased for this project AFAIK
Marco 'Lubber' Wienkoop
The community fork Fomantic-UI got github discussions https://github.com/fomantic/Fomantic-UI/discussions and a discord server https://discord.com/invite/YChxjJ3
Shetu Raj
Hi. I am unable to dynamically insert elements into an Accordion from a nested json input because of the lack of documentation. Can someone help me out with this? https://stackoverflow.com/questions/67160612/not-able-to-insert-elements-dynamically-into-semantic-ui-accordion/67170738#67170738
Serenity Now
Shetu Raj: Unfortunately this project has been superseded by Fomantic-UI, and doesn't seem to be receiving any recent attention.
Parth Bhodia
Hi, I am having a hard time placing disable option on the change of event on one particular dropdown. it basically works fine when I do $(' .ui .dropdown').addClass('disabled'); but if I were to add it by the id it doesn't work $(' #city').addClass('disabled');
anyone else facing the same issue or knows any work around for this ?
Semantic-Org/Semantic-UI#5417 I see there is already a question on this but I still don't see any proper solution
Parth Bhodia
Ok it's working with this method
This is because they mentioned it creates a new div above the select option, so we just target that new div by accessing the parent element of that selector
Perry Codes
Asking here before submitting GitHub issue - I absolutely can't imagine I'm the first to notice this... What's up with Modals shifting left a few pixels before closing???
I've verified this behavior with several browser (with different rendering engines). It's happening on the demo page here: https://semantic-ui.com/modules/modal.html
Richard Všianský
@PerryCodes It's because of the scrollbar,
Perry Codes
@rvsia - interesting. I’m on an iPad currently so I popped over to see one more time, but iOS Safari isn’t displaying a scrollbar. And, well, there is no left shift as well! Now I know why - thanks Richard! What was it that GI Joe said ? Knowing is half the battle? :)
Perry Codes
Of all UI frameworks I’ve evaluated over the past few months, the look and feel of Semantic-UI modals is so amazingly top-notch. For any type of admin/dashboard tool, this is a major plus... Major kudos to the devs respondible for this!
Richard Všianský
@PerryCodes Yeah, we are using patternfly in our projects and there are so many instances when the scrollbar changes the page so I got used to look for it. :D Otherwise, if you are trying multiple design systems, you can take a look at https://data-driven-forms.org/, it's project we managed and it allows to write React forms by just using JSONs and it's possible to switch between designs by just changing two props.
Perry Codes
HOLY SHIT... I didn't realize how DEAD this project actually is until just trying to create a test project!!!
Looks like I'll give Formantic a shot. At least they have the Modal popping left if there is a scrollbar problem fixed :) Oh.. and there's the minor bonus that it can actually be installed without rolling back Node to something that existed about a decade ago...
Thanks for that link Richard. Data Driven Forms looks really neat and quite useful.
Marco 'Lubber' Wienkoop
Fomantic UI 2.8.8 has been released yesterday. Again 100+ bugfixes and new features
Hello guys, i have a problem: i'm trying to put in loading state my form in semantic when i submit it but no success....how can i do it?
this is what i wrote but when i load the page with empty fields, it shows directly a loading form:
if( $('.ui.form').form('is valid')) {
Marco 'Lubber' Wienkoop
@mastersaxalto Your form is valid when all fields are empty an no "empty" rule is set to at least one field. That's why your form immediatly gets the loading spinner (because it's valid).
I guess you havent defined the form before, so just ".form()" will have no rules set.
Please create a jsfiddle for easier investigation
Roman Lemberg
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I am trying to create a multi-select dropdown using Semantic UI, but as I am also using bootstrap I don't want to use the semantic.min.css as it changes some of the other stylings. I tried using just the dropdown component css file, but now I just see the box and when I click on it, there is no dropdown. Any suggestions of what I could do?
2 replies
Serenity Now
No further development or support is being done, AFAIK
hello everybody, please i'm faces some isues in uses Fomantic-UI in my Nuxt project fomantic/Fomantic-UI#2114
Dylan Lok
Hi, I try to install npm i semantic-ui , however getting this error Cannot read property 'help' of undefined. Anyone can let me know how you solve it? I installed Gulp 4.0.2.