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This is what it looks like once one of the buttons on the left is clicked
The HTML https://pastebin.com/z8q5cavm works fine without any issues. However it always plays serm.mp3 instead of the mp3 given in the href link in the datatable. How to pass the value to the model ?? How to pass the src via the datatable link ?? so that mp3 plays in the player. Currently it plays always the serm.mp3 which is hard-coded.
Teddy Paul
Hi everyone! Is there project maintainers around here? Or someone who know their intentions about this project in the next few month?
I've already started a project based on semantic-ui-react but I'm pretty worried seeing that it's not really maintained anymore. Lots of PR and issues, some bugs never fixed.... I know about FomanticUI, but, as their intention is to merge it back to semantic, I don't know if I should migrate
Lahiru Udayanga
Hi !! Is semantic UI angular bindings work with angular 8 ?
Charles de Dreuille
Hi 👋 Can you use Fomantic with React? Semantic seems to be dead.
Charles de Dreuille
I think I found the answer with Fomantic V3.0. So my next question is when can we expect to see Fomantic V3?
Hey, recently startet developing webpages :) Anyone know how I can get an image to "just lay in the background" for a specific page?
hi i want to change semantic ui theming
I tried to join Fomantic on Discord but the invite in the footer of fomantic-ui.com seems to be expired. Can you give me a valid invite or start using a non proprietary chat?
Marco 'Lubber' Wienkoop
@Txopi Mmh the official invite link works for me...however here is my personal invite: https://discord.gg/UcRpKf
Thank you @lubber-de !
That invite doesn't work for me neither. The same error message. This support article is linked: https://support.discord.com/hc/en-us/articles/360001556852
I just registered on Discord and verified my email but it seems something didn't like Discord Inc. It ask me for a smartphone to login through the browser. I need to enter a phone number or install Discord App and scan a QR Code in order to login the first time.
I am registered and I can change my password but can't login until they get my phone :-(
I'm sorry but I find this really disgusting :-(
Have you thought about moving to Matrix or Mattermost? Gitter itself could be OK. I think even Slack is more respectful about their user's privacy.
@Txopi, i messaged the support when that happened to me and they authed me without the phone :^)
What a nightmare. Finally I did the same and this is the response I got:

"Thank you for sending the screenshot together with your response.

I just checked with my team, and upon review of your account, it appears that our system's detection system has triggered successfully and we will not be removing the phone verification requirement on your account, and you'll be required to register a phone number to your Discord account in order to continue the use of it. Apparently, there is no other way to pass the phone verification on your account.

It's possible that our system detected that you were using a VPN or proxy that was shared with other bad actors, which is why our system flagged your account. However, for privacy reasons, we're not able to share the specifics of the inner workings of our system."

I explained them that I don't use any VPN nor proxy and I just connect from my home DSL using Firefox over Ubuntu. I tried dissabling browser extensions (uBlock Origin, HTTPS Everywhere) but the same result and they don't answer me anymore.
Incredible. I haven't seen something like this in all my life.
It's clear that I'm not going to use Discord for this project and for any other thing. I'm somekind banned!
quite unfortunate ,_,
I created a page using Fomantic and the default color is blue. I want to change the default color to a specific one chosen by me. If I add @primaryColor:@pink; to this file nothing happens: /semantic/src/themes/default/globals/site.variables
If I run gulp build this button keeps blue, not pink: <div class="tiny ui primary button">VIEW LIST</div>
I'm sure this is a very basic mistake :-D
Can someone give me a hint please?
It works now. I don't know what I did, but it works.
Hi, any1 can help me with this code ? https://jsfiddle.net/newmvf/1kdet6x8/19/
I don't know how do I make a "data" object
HEllo team i have 3 step in one form and need form vilation in each steps but work only in the first steps.
Charles Baker
Anyone know anything about accessing refs of stuff in Semantic UI React? I'm working with a form validation library and you do stuff with refs, docs don't mention how they're exposed in the API anywhere at all.
Oh, never mind. It just works.
Does it have sense to integrate Semantic in a static page generator like Hugo? https://gohugo.io/
I don't know Hugo quite well but it's quite common to use Bootstrap there and I have seen jQuery integrated to add some search capabilities to the static sites generated with Hugo. Before studying this closer, I guess if you see big incompatibilities between both technologies. Does anyone has used Semantic with Hugo? Does anyone see it not possible for any reason?
in my experience semantic wasn't that far different from bootstrap? :v
@d42 I see
What is the principle of semantic UI and its main components
Hi. How to use 'set selected' on dropdown when dropdown using API data?
ansab m
how to set required in multiple select dropdown?
Artur Kyryliuk
Hello, I see the latest release was 2 years ago. Is this project alive?
hey im a newbie with maybe a dumb question about using semantic
is this good place to ask?

well im confused about how to add actual behavior to semantic UI elements. for instance, if i have a modal dialog. the "copy-pastable" examples have nests of DIVs with classes added to control their display, and also, apparently, are falling back on jQuery to implement even the behavior of a modal dialog. but there's no obvious way to listen for events on a dialog to see if user hit OK, Cancel, whatever else. and none of the semantic examples use IDs on elements.

am i missing something or is the assumed use case for developers to add IDs to whatever buttons, use addEventListener(), and explicitly add all logic to hide the dialog when user hits OK or Cancel?

this same question applies to all UI elements, just using the modal dialog as an example. any help is appreciated

Marco 'Lubber' Wienkoop
@elcreator the project is actively maintained at the community fork https://fomantic-ui.com https://github.com/fomantic/Fomantic-UI
Marco 'Lubber' Wienkoop
@jayboyd the modal buttons can be fetched using modals available callbacks .you dont need to assign an id and add event listeners yourself . See https://fomantic-ui.com/modules/modal.html#approve--deny-callbacks
Marco 'Lubber' Wienkoop
@ansabm2018_gitlab Specify the empty form validation rule. See https://fomantic-ui.com/behaviors/form.html#empty
Dropdown(), in case of multiple options, it is not returning the values in the same order they were selected. any idea how to handle it .