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Have you given up on maintenance?
Hey all, is there a possibility to specify a custom icon in the LabeledIcon button?
Mario Lamacchia
Hey everybody :wave: I want to apologize for not being active in the last months. I’ve had a few work and personal things that kept me quite busy. Thank you to all the people that are still supporting the project and offered to help :heart:
Now I’m finally back and I’m working to catch up with the open issues and the PRs. I’ll spend the next few days reviewing and merging PRs, and I’ll come up with a plan of milestones to take the development a step forward :muscle: Whoever wants to collaborate, feel free to contact me.
Luiz Fernando Rodrigues Sanches
hello there
hey everyone,
i'm trying to upgrade to use fomantic. How do I get semantic vue to use fomantic after the npm install?
Mario Lamacchia
Hi @postelrich everything should work correctly as long as you use the css-only implementation of Fomantic UI. Just import that instead of semantic-ui-css
does css only implementation mean i can't do things like $('el').dropdown() then?
Mario Lamacchia
Exactly. Semantic-UI-Vue takes care of that
In that case, just use <SuiDropdown>
ah bummer but then i can't apply custom settings
ok thank you!
Mario Lamacchia
No problem. If you send me an example of what you are trying to do, I may be able to help
Danielle McLean Walraven
Just wanted to pop in to say thanks for the work you're doing. I loved using Semantic UI React and am excited to be able to use it in Vue projects. :)
Hi guys. Can Semantic-ui for vue be used with typescript?
Does dropdown support network filter? like autocomplete?
Patrick Lauber

i get the following error when using a suidropdown:

[Vue warn]: The .native modifier for v-on is only valid on components but it was used on <div>.

found in

---> <SuiDropdown>
<ObjectFormField> at src/components/ObjectFormField.vue
<ObjectForm> at src/components/ObjectForm.vue

any hints?
Joshua Heller

Hey everyone, I'm would like to add the on property to the Popup component. Unfortunatly, when I build the project with "yarn run build:cjs" my vue project throws the error:

"export 'default' (imported as 'SuiVue') was not found in 'semantic-ui-vue'

Any idea why?

Joshua Heller
Additionally, it shows the following error in the browser:
Uncaught TypeError: Cannot assign to read only property 'exports' of object '#<Object>'
Davinderpal Singh Rehal
Hey everyone, I want to contribute towards the project, what would be best way? I am experienced with VueJS
Hi All! Is there anyone here who has the ability to merge this PR for this project? Semantic-UI-Vue/Semantic-UI-Vue#456
This fixes a bug in the Dropdown component with search and multiple options
Does anyone know how to set the api actions ?
Mario Lamacchia

It's not documented yet, but you can see here an example: https://github.com/Semantic-UI-Vue/Semantic-UI-Vue/blob/master/docs/main.js#L22-L33

In this file you'll see all the keys with comments. Not sure if all of them are used yet, the idea is to keep it as similar as possible to the original API spec

Nice, was indeed looking for a doc or example :) Thanks @mariolamacchia
And.. never worked with a Vue mixin before, also my bad :-)
@mariolamacchia Is it correct that the beforeXHR is not implemented yet? I need to make an api call that needs additional csrf headers set
Ramon Manrique
Hey guys I've got a question, is Partial Importing in the newest version of Semainc-UI for Vue.js?
Mario Lamacchia
Hey Ramon, if you mean importing just one component, then yes, it should be available now
Ramon Manrique
Cool,I’ll check it out,Thanks Mario
Hugo Osvaldo Barrera
I've an application which runs for a couple of tenants, and they each have different themes.
Is there any way to specify a theme at runtime? Or to build with vue-cli only once?
Right now I have to build my frontend N times, one for each theme, and them deploy a different set of files in each instance.
Ken Bonny
hello, I'm kind of new to vue and semantic ui
(not new to programming, btw, my career has just been backend focused 😀)
I've created a new vue project with vue3 and I'm trying to get semantic ui to work, but I'm running into the error "Cannot read property '_sui' of undefined" and I don't really know what I did wrong
I added both "semantic-ui-vue" and "semantic-ui-css" via yarn add
added "SuiVue" to the app
Hello, i have one simple question
Is any information about compatibility with vue3 ? or any kind of work about updating semantic-ui-vue to works with vue 3?
Thanks for your help
Ken Bonny
I don't think that's going to be here soon :(
but is there a blog that can tell me how to bundle it with rollup? I'm trying out vite and I want to include a minified, shaken semantic-ui style in my site, but I'm kind of new to js development
Hi, I'd like to get started contributing but not sure where to start? I'm looking at segments (based on https://semantic-ui-vue.github.io/#/features) and it seems to be mostly completed? Or am I missing something? Can someone point me in the right direction?
Ramon Manrique
Hey anyone knows how to trigger a popup component on specific event_
Yunus Emre Bulut
Hello everyone, I must thank contributor of this project. Because this project make me very fast on my own open source project. I use vuex to manage data on client side and I use sui-dropdown to select. But I don't know how do I detect changing of dropdown. I want to detect if dropdown changed to change state of vuex. Is there any way easy?
Micah Silverman
Heyo! New here... I am using semantic-ui with vuejs for the first time. When I'm developing locally, all the icons render perfectly. But, when I build the project for distribution, the icons show up as square boxes. I'm thinking it's a webpack thing? I have a single line for the css in my router/index.js for the css: import 'semantic-ui-css/semantic.min.css'. Anyone know what's going on with this?