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Dec 2015
Chris Troutner
Dec 10 2015 01:51
I finished going through the slide deck NRP tutorials. I feel like I've got a pretty good high-level overview of the software. A couple questions:
1) Are we using the Sensorica NRP to track the UI work we'll be doing to the NRP? I don't really care about compensation. I just think it would be a good exercise to help me get familiar with the software.
2) Now that I've finished the slide deck, I feel like I'm ready to jump in. @bhaugen, you sent me an email a while ago about the front-end changes you'd like to see, but it didn't make much sense to me. Can you elaborate?
3) What is the current state of the API? What is the intended purpose of it? How will it make the software better?
Maria Frangos
Dec 10 2015 01:58
@christroutner 1) yes, we are using the NRP to log or work. It's under the project NRP UX/UI. 2) there are short term changes and an overhaul I'd like to do. I can go into more detail in an email. 3) @bhaugen and @fosterlynn will have to
answer that one
Bob Haugen
Dec 10 2015 11:22
@christroutner - I'm not sure which email. I vaguely mentioned some problem pages which I will list in github issues on that new repo today (after talking with Lynn). But those are complex (which is also why they are slow). Each of them has a lot of Django forms, and rendering Django forms on the server takes a lot of time.
Might be better to start with something simpler to get the workflow ironed out.
Or maybe you and Maria should take on a completely new page.
Re state of the API: there isn't much of an API. I pointed you to some json views to indicate that we've done some of them, but they are all special purpose.
When you and Maria figure out where you want to start, we'll create an API for that. And then try to keep up with you.
We'll be using which creates nice well-documented APIs.
Bob Haugen
Dec 10 2015 11:28
I got a couple of things to do first, but will get started plugging that in next week.
I tried it a few months ago, creating API functions goes pretty quickly.
If you and Maria decide to go with something totally new, that's ok with us. Run your own game.
We can adapt.
Lynn Foster
Dec 10 2015 13:11
@mfrangos in terms of logging in NRP, are we good with just logging all work as non-production logging? I don't have a need to break it out into processes, work orders, etc., but non-production logging is certainly not getting us into the heart of NRP in terms of understanding the system and eating our own dogfood.... what do people think?
hmmm, having an idea: maybe we could just log non-production logging for what we are doing now, and other general purpose work; but when we start laying out work to do, create a work order for each deliverable or feature, and one or more processes for the work order, and log there. Might be an interesting experiment even if there is nothing but work to log.... and maybe help us see if/how the NRP might be enhanced at some point to be used productively for software projects.... ?
Bob Haugen
Dec 10 2015 14:16
@/all I posted the first problem page issue: Sensorica/valuenetwork#4
@christroutner please let me know if those template and view links are useful to you.
Also, Chris, I note that somebody created and agent and user for you. Let me know if it works, because you will need to be logged in.
Bob Haugen
Dec 10 2015 14:39
@christroutner - one more thing about APIs: I won't do a comprehensive API all at once. I will create APIs as you need them, and will give you whatever information you want, in whatever format you want. For POSTs, we can work out the details as we go, too.
I expect that after a few of those, we will start seeing some patterns or a style emerge, that we can document and follow.
Chris Troutner
Dec 10 2015 15:05
@fosterlynn , I'm OK with using non-production logging. Since I've got my own installation of the NRP software and some database snapshots from Bob, I have plenty of examples to play with.
@bhaugen I replied to issue #3 . Hopefully I'll get some time to review the links you submitted on issue #4
@mfrangos I'd love to hear your ideas. When you get a chance to compose an email, send it my way. I can find time to schedule a Skype call on Friday if you'd like.
Maria Frangos
Dec 10 2015 16:28
@christroutner Cool. How does Friday evening work for you? I am busy during the day. So anytime after 5PM eastern time works for me. I will put together an email tonight as well as a doc that we can start filling in. I have to say that I am super excited and feel that you are the missing piece of the puzzle that we needed to get this going.
Chris Troutner
Dec 10 2015 17:43
@mfrangos Let's see... 5PM EST would be 2PM PST. That works for me. I'm flexible, so feel free to propose a later time if you need a breather. My Skype handle is just christroutner.