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Dec 2015
Dec 14 2015 05:27
waw, there was a lot of development in the wiki so much that I can't find what I started to continue it... I suppose that it was moved or remixed beyond recognition : ) Great, love it! I want to spend some time on it, I'll see what I can do.
Dec 14 2015 06:22
Sorry all, my bad... the link above doesn't lead to a process to log time spent on UX/UI development. I just created a process now I liked to it from the main wiki page on Github, so you can find it there if you lose the link OR, you can find it in the NRP-VAS on the project page, here see Active processes, but in order to get to it you need to remember that the process belongs to a project that is called "Infrastructure virtual"... which is not ideal.
Chris Troutner
Dec 14 2015 16:06
Just a heads up: the links in the Sensorica/valuenet/wiki take you to the valnet/valuenet/wiki. That's a pretty subtle shift. Also, I imagine people with permission to edit the Sensorica/valuenet fork won't be able to edit the valnet/valuenet/wiki. Should we copy all the stuff over?
Lynn Foster
Dec 14 2015 16:33

the process belongs to a project that is called "Infrastructure virtual"

there is a sub process that is what we should use: NRP UX/UI or something like that