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Jan 2016
Bob Haugen
Jan 06 2016 23:35
@christroutner tomorrow it's supposed to snow here. Which means I will be indoors and looking for things to do.
If you want to talk some time, it might be good. I don't want you to be frustrated by the github procedures.
We can morph, we can change, or we can figure out how to make the original idea work better.
Maria Frangos
Jan 06 2016 23:56
Hey everyone, just getting out of holiday mode. @christroutner I’d love to finally have that meeting with you. I am busy tomorrow but any other day works. I am taking January off my work work so that I could finish writing this thesis. Nonetheless, I want to see what you’ve done and see how my design can be modified.
Happy New Year by the way :)