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Jan 2016
Radu Seserman
Jan 28 2016 11:49
@bhaugen I work on general business app:, inventory control, accounting, electronic transmittal of data
Bob Haugen
Jan 28 2016 11:49
@Radu62s great, you should be able understand NRP pretty easily, and maybe help Sensorica with some accounting problems.
Lynn Foster
Jan 28 2016 13:22
@Radu62s what types of things are you interested in working on? Or, how would it be best to figure out how you can plug in?
Chris Troutner
Jan 28 2016 15:28
@bhaugen Did you see Tibi's email about 'problem with data format'? Is this due to changes we've been making on the NRP? If so, I'm thinking this might be more reason to use branches. We could have a 'development' branch and the master could be the 'stable' branch.
Do you know which repo he pulls from? valnet or Sensorica?
Bob Haugen
Jan 28 2016 15:29
Sensorica's system pulls from valnet.
Which is why the new UI to live in a fork until it is ready for them.
Or one of the reasons.
We're working on a response. As usual, he sent it to me, but it's really in Lynn's territory.
Bob Haugen
Jan 28 2016 16:53
Response(s) sent.
Bob Haugen
Jan 28 2016 19:34
@christroutner I'm starting to work on json feeds for the kind of graphs shown on project pages.
Or separately:
The separate ones should be easier to grok the page source.
On the economic-events api, those are the events where is_contribution = true
You can distinguish work from other contributions by event_type.
Bob Haugen
Jan 28 2016 19:45
All those charts show now is work (time contributions). Needless to say, people want financial contributions, too.
What I am thinking of is starting by giving you an api collection with only contributions,
with a set of query parameters for selecting subsets.
I would probably start with context_agent (e.g. project) and event_type.
Later date range and from_agent.
Then you can figure out what you can do with those.
I also will refactor the code for those separate charts so I can serve that json up from an API.
How does that look for starters?
Open to other suggestions.
Bob Haugen
Jan 28 2016 21:07
contributions api with query parameters context and event-type pushed to valnet master.