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Feb 2016
Chris Troutner
Feb 23 2016 14:57
Hey all, I thought I'd send out an update: I've made very little progress in the last week. I've been down visiting family in Portland. However, things are progressing well with opensourcing the Content Management System that I'm creating for my work. We use the same AdminLTE template, Backbone, and Require.js Frameworks, and implement a lot of features that the NRP UI will need. For now I have to keep the details of the program under wraps, but with luck I'll have the code open sourced and available for porting to the NRP program in a month or two.
Bob Haugen
Feb 23 2016 14:59
Thx for the update. Open sourcing this system seems like a slog, though.
Lotsa slow corporate decision making?
Any actual technical hurdles?
Chris Troutner
Feb 23 2016 16:09
No, no technical hurdles. Just slow corporate decision making. Several levels of management and lawyers must be notified and give their blessing.
But the first couple levels of management are enthusiastically behind me.