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Mar 2016
Maria Frangos
Mar 01 2016 14:47
Hi everyone, just wanted to let you all know I’m still alive :) Just in the final stages of completing my thesis so I won’t really be online this month. I’m looking forward to jumping back in on this in April but I will be sending an email out again reminding people to fill out the survey if they haven’t already.
Bob Haugen
Mar 01 2016 14:48
:sparkles: thanks for the popin @mfrangos
Lynn Foster
Mar 01 2016 14:57

Hey @mfrangos we were thinking about you, glad you're still alive! :) Best of luck on your thesis! I hope you don't get too stressed out....

@christroutner if you get to where you need more design work from Maria, let's chat, we can probably think of things to fill in with, by working ahead on API to UI work even without the UI design....

Chris Troutner
Mar 01 2016 16:01
I've been similarly distracted. Just got back from a trip to Portland to see family. I'll be jumping back into the code in the next few days. I'm good on design work ideas. My next goal is to get the Projects API interface working similar to the prototype I created for People.
Bob Haugen
Mar 01 2016 16:17
for the future future (just ran into it now, posting for when it's time comes):
@christroutner good on projects next.
If and when you get to some project activity visualizations, @Radu62s is working on a python programming exercise that might get you the data.
Chris Troutner
Mar 01 2016 18:46
That looks cool. I'll check it out when I get some time.