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Apr 2016
Wang Shidong
Apr 23 2016 02:48
anyone like this feature?
type any item to open the github repo page of the plugin
Alexander Jeurissen
Apr 23 2016 21:45
Somehow the following hook doesn't work when using loadstate
  call dein#add('chriskempson/base16-vim', {
        \ 'hook_source': "
        \   colorscheme base16-solarized\n
        \   set background=dark\n
I expect that the colorscheme is applied, but sometimes when i run neovim the default colorscheme is applied.
If I clear the cache of dein manually using call dein#clear_state() then the next time neovim is run the hook above works as expected, however when I exit that neovim instance and rerun neovim (then I presume dein loads the state because it was previously saved) the hook above isn't executed.
Alexander Jeurissen
Apr 23 2016 21:50
I just replaced hook_source with hook_add and that seems to solve the problem, but I'm not sure why.. Is it because hook_source is cached and not evaluated in load_state ?