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Feb 2017
Jithin Emmanuel
Feb 07 2017 18:17
Does dein#update() update dein ?
Feb 07 2017 21:39
If you have manage dein by dein, yes.
Jithin Emmanuel
Feb 07 2017 23:56
@Shougo How can I configure that ?
if dein#load_state('/Users/me/Dropbox/dotfiles/.vim/bundles')
  call dein#begin('/Users/me/Dropbox/dotfiles/.vim/bundles')

  " Let dein manage dein
  " Required:
  call dein#add('/Users/me/Dropbox/dotfiles/.vim/bundles/repos/')
  call dein#end()
  call dein#save_state()
Does the above settings mean dein is already being managed by dein ?