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Mar 2017
Mar 24 2017 07:23
Hey, having trouble installing dein. It is my first time installing a plugin manager so a bit confused. I am get an error when running neovim
Error detected while processing /home/pjj/.config/nvim/plugin/repos/
I did the :call dein#install() already
but it was and still is writing to the /tmp files
so nvim must be messed up right?
Mar 24 2017 09:42
I am confusing.
You should follow the Issue template.
We have not ESP skills.
Oh I get it.
You have installed the wrong directory.
Please read this.
Mar 24 2017 09:47
I may have ESP :-/
Mar 24 2017 20:50
Ok I am still confused by the docs and the template. If I were to restart what would I do differently?
Mar 24 2017 22:29
Have you read the issue?
You must change the installation directory.
Please read the other users configuration.
I think you are neovim newbie.
neovim load .config/nvim/plugin/ automatically.
You must not install the plugins into it by dein plugin manager.