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Apr 2015
Apr 15 2015 00:33
Hey i cracked many lol accounts and i want to boost some ppl...just for fun
but i dont know if the exploit is still working
i got a dev key [AccessKeyScoper.key] last year and now i opened lc again and its updated but there is no make ranked button anymore.
Should i need a new dev key? or is it patched
pls help me if U can thanks
Ed V
Apr 15 2015 05:12
Exploit is removed
Apr 15 2015 14:33
Hi. i have a Problem.
When I'm in the champion selection is then there at once "Legendary client has stopped work" or something in the direction, and then closes the client. <--- Credits "Google Translator" i hope u can understood me
Apr 15 2015 16:01
Krzysztof Machura
Apr 15 2015 16:08
can you upload the log?
Krzysztof Machura
Apr 15 2015 16:38
i have no idea why it happens
will try to look into that on saturday when i will have more time
Apr 15 2015 17:12
Apr 15 2015 20:18
And still the same shit -.-
Apr 15 2015 20:28
Where can i find the log?
And once again.,. Client stopped work. Here my Logs.