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Apr 2015
Aaron Housh
Apr 16 2015 01:54
i feel like we didn't have any of these problems with pvpnetconnect lol
Krzysztof Machura
Apr 16 2015 05:07
the biggest problem i think we send some bad call and then riot just sends us error
com.riotgames.platform.messaging.UnexpectedServiceException : null
they just keep on sending it with no error code or anything
Apr 16 2015 05:22
what can ido to "fix"ยง it
Krzysztof Machura
Apr 16 2015 05:35
i will try adding usefull feature for devs when i have time
and that will be probably on saturday
eddy came back so he might ba able to help
Apr 16 2015 05:40
hm... thank you.. i really wanna play with "LC" but it wont work for me i dont know :O