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Aug 2015
Peter Chan
Aug 28 2015 01:16 UTC
can we display the player's tier on the control?
or use a frame or badge to represent their tier?
i mean teammate
Martin Konstantin Herrmann
Aug 28 2015 05:52 UTC
Just add a label in champselectplayer and do the logic, I will style it
Or I do the style and you do the logic later
Peter Chan
Aug 28 2015 07:22 UTC
mhn you do the style first
i'll do the logic later
great :D
Peter Chan
Aug 28 2015 08:18 UTC
also i'll finish skinny bot today
Jittapan "iSuzutsuki" Pluemsumran
Aug 28 2015 12:45 UTC
damn i have to download vs2015 now :/
Aug 28 2015 18:39 UTC
What was the latest build that worked properly?