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Sep 2015
Josef Vacek
Sep 09 2015 05:44
Nice music :D
but back to the topic.
(sorry if i say ultra bullshit, i'm not experienced in programming or project management, im just trying to help)
why do we have 11 branches?
why don't we have lets say 1 main branch, and 1 beta branch?
Ed V
Sep 09 2015 05:57
Some are backups
I think one has the new ui and new functions (Sightstone)
And one has the secure chat function
It allows us to create errors without preventing others from working
gh-pages is the website
Josef Vacek
Sep 09 2015 13:14
what about the stalled branches?
Josef Vacek
Sep 09 2015 20:35
Nice, a new working build ! :D :)
Josef Vacek
Sep 09 2015 21:03
well, not really working :/