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@DW01 I pushed for this outcome as much as I could yes
@e102em no(t yet)
Is content also is ready :eyes:
Sandityas Noormina
lets hope this news will gain more community, i'll try to spread the words
Def got to update the main page
I see the editor is wpftoolkit / avalondock now too. I'm guessing there was a lot of custom work done for feature parity, mainly on custom controls
Daniel Keenan
I think it has been using those for a while
yes (actually avalondock switch was done a while ago because we knew at some point sources would be released either publicly or to clients)
I haven'ty been paying attention, admittedly
Daniel Keenan
So I guess if we keep using gitter at least short term. Would need to move to a different room or whatever so the github integration works properly.
at least for now
Aha, I had noticed a gitter badger fork appeared
Robert Campbell
Is the visual studio plugin ready?
When i try to install from the launcher nothing happens
Nicolas Musset
I missed a few discussions apparently
Aaron Disibio
Glad to hear this engine has a future. Is there a changelog from 2.x to 3.0?
Also new features added in docs https://doc.xenko.com/latest/en/manual/index.html
Was hoping to see more bugfixes/features after a year :(
Will try and upgrade my game after work today tho :)
Tebjan Halm
hey guys, your in the old chat
@makotech222 I didnt make the changelog with all the bugfixes
Do not forget to switch to a new chat room - https://gitter.im/xenko3d/xenko
Has anyone ever done any megascan in Xenko yet.