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Using Lit-html ans haunted heres Web Component Hooks


Paul "Joey" Clark
@inian You are right.
Actually it does block the hello for a while, but because the logging comes in the .then(), the number gets logged afterwards.
If we tweak his code to log inside the "async" function, then we see the "Hello Talk.js" appear later:
const runAsync = n => {
    return new Promise((resolve, reject) => {
        for(let i = 0; i < n; i++) {}
console.log('Hello Talk.js')
Well sniped btw :-P
Paul "Joey" Clark
I should have written runAsync(1000000000).then(console.log) then we would get the full output:
Hello Talk.js
April’s Talk.JS happening next wednesday 10th April
Interesting project talks that cover a few topics at once: SingaporeJS/talk.js#21

Hi all to those who are using lit-element and rollup to bundle there code.
You can now import css or scss file on lit-element heres a rollup plugin (this will automatically create static get styles property to inline your styles)


hey folks, react dev here, company has opportunity for angular devs. is there a recruitment friendly room here?
very interesting
so your company will be doing both React and Angular at the same time?
https://www.deskera.com/sg/full-stack-web-developer/ , you can message me directly if interested
Hi all, anyone familliar with using office.js?
I am following the example code given in the microsoft dev docs on how to call rest API from within the outlook add-in, but when I try to run it, it gives an error Uncaught ReferenceError: $ is not defined
Function is
`function getItemFromRest()
var getMessageUrl = restHost +
'/v2.0/me/messages/' + itemId;
    url: getMessageUrl,
    dataType: 'json',

    headers: { 'Authorization': 'Bearer ' + accessToken }
    // Message is passed in `item`
    //var subject = item.Subject;
    console('Attchment count: '+item.Attachments.length);
    // Handle error
$ usually is jquery?
$.ajax definitely looks like jquery
Stephan H. Wissel
In a browser use fetch instead of jquery on nodeJS there’s node-fetch and a few other options
Talk.JS (and a chat.js) is happening next wed at Microsoft Level 22
There will be a non-tech topic about how to assess and assett your opinion when having technical discussions. :) It’ll be a cosy floor based chat in case this interests anyone.
@ongmin u need pizza/food sponsor tml?
MS is not providing food tmr.
I should have checked earlier. :/
Chinmay Pendharkar
I’ve a friend looking for a NodeJS developer who’s comfortable with embedded platform (RaspberryPi, etc) for a short time project. Anyone looking for gigs??
lolol that’s quite rhythmic!
lol, I’m enjoying these folk dance sorting videos. :D
Mingdong Luo
Hi all, I just made a checklist web app to help you to assess a team you want to join or your current team. Check it out: https://checklist.mdluo.com and kindly star it on GitHub if you find it useful :smile:
Roshan Halwai

Hey there,
I am Mobile Application Developer from India. I am looking to explore opportunities in Singapore. Any suggestions/help would be highly appreciated.


Meng Weng Wong
what opportunities have you tried so far?
which job boards, etc channels? i'm curious to hear how people are approaching this problem nowadays because i might be on the other end of that platform soon
Meng Weng Wong
@mdluo nice work. have starred. good to find multiple philosophies in one place.
Poila Pan
@mdluo I am curious to know if this list also applies to one-man programming teams within design agencies where the emphasis is on the front-end, graphical design aspect and the one-man programmer is a front-end web developer without using any backend system.
Gee-Wey Yue
Hi everyone, I am curious for your advice. My girlfriend is relocating to Singapore for a new job by end of year. My goal is to attend a coding bootcamp in Singapore and switch to a new career. How do you think an American like me might fare in the job market for a junior developer role in Singapore? I worked in nonprofit/government the past few years and explored my interest in coding through freeCodeCamp and Codecademy. Recently I was accepted to App Academy in NYC (Ruby/JS, one of the more prestigious bootcamps). I would love any suggestions for how to accomplish this dream, or which bootcamps you would recommend.
Thank you so much,
whoa... i’m trying to kinda connect your premise... you are coming to SG becos your girlfriend is relocating here? Hence you are currently working in US?
Gee-Wey Yue
@kenzoarima Yes, that is correct. The assumption I'm testing for is whether a bootcamp can provide a pathway for a job (and sponsorship) in Singapore. And if it matters whether the bootcamp I attend is in Singapore or not (ex: US or Europe).
Meetup tomorrow (later today.. Wed): https://www.meetup.com/Singapore-JS/events/263798481/
@geewey try asking on kopijs, you’ll get a wider variety of opinions I reckon. https://launchpass.com/kopijs
It’s the local chit chat channel
Amongst others
looks like an action packed line up
Gee-Wey Yue
@ongmin Thank you for the suggestion!
Paul "Joey" Clark

If I do npm install agent-base@^4.2.0 it actually installs v4.3.0 which is fine.

But if I do npm install ramda@^0.25.0 it installs v0.25.0 even though there is a v0.26.1 available.

yarn does the same. yarn upgrade-interactive suggests to upgrade agent-base but not ramda, not until I pass --latest.

So I'm wondering, what is holding the ramda version down?

Paul "Joey" Clark
Oh I guess the 0 is the difference. They are reluctant to change versions, because major 0 releases are unstable, with no guarantee of backward compatibility. OK then. :)