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Jul 2016
Stanislav Seletskiy
Jul 20 2016 08:20
@alejandrogallo: Hi! I'm current maintainer of US. I'm dissatisfied with honza/vim-snippets because of: a) they do not use power features of US like interpolations/contexts/preexpand-/postexpand-/jump-actions, which renders them pretty useless; b) they use use long triggers which are not necessary to type.
@alejandrogallo: So, your proposal for using class for class does not sound efficient to me. For example, I'm using snippet with auto-trigger s which covers any type declaration in Go-lang:
Alejandro Gallo
Jul 20 2016 09:01
This message was deleted
Alejandro Gallo
Jul 20 2016 09:07
@seletskiy I just deleted the previous message. So to sum up, it sound nice to use hardcore US capabilities. Originially I was just looking for simple snippets but fully consistent across different programming languages, so that you know exactly how to kickstart a method or a main method in a random programming language (and also for markup languages, bold font, italics, paragraph etc...)
A very crude example is here
and you can take a look to my current triggers which I intend to implement where possible for different programming languages, I already have many implemented.