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Aug 2017
Pratik Bhusal
Aug 23 2017 15:44
@drigz It works amazingly! Could you tell me what t[1] represents? I know what len() does thanks to :h len().

@cabouffard I faced a similar issue before. Since you use the vim-snippets repository, consider adding these lines:

let g:UltiSnipsSnippetsDir = "/Users/cabouffard/src/configs/UltiSnips"
let g:UltiSnipsSnippetDirectories=["UltiSnips","bundle/vim-snippets/UltiSnips"]

Just be aware that I'm assuming /Users/cabouffard/src/configs/UltiSnips is the full path to your custom snippets directory.

Pratik Bhusal
Aug 23 2017 17:19
If it doesn't work, please feel free to say so