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Feb 2018
Christopher Valerio
Feb 03 2018 05:58
Hi I use deoplete + ultisnips
sometimes ultisnips work for some things
on neovim
but for vimwiki snippets and markdown I'm not able to make them work
let g:supertabdefaultcompletiontype = '<c-n>'

""" better key bindings for ultisnipsexpandtrigger
let g:ultisnipsexpandtrigger       = "<tab>"
let g:ultisnipsjumpforwardtrigger  = "<c-n>"
let g:ultisnipsjumpbackwardtrigger = "<c-p>"
let g:UltiSnipsSnippetDirectories  = [$HOME.'/UltiSnips', $HOME.'/.config/nvim/plugged/vim-snippets/UltiSnips']